This is a good week for fan art. No, no one wants to turn my “One Direction starts a venture capitalist firm” fan fic into a show yet (in the first ep Liam and Harry start mining their own form of bitcoins, it’s like S Club 7 meets Silicon Valley). But besides Teen Wolf fans getting a devoted website to spotlight their creations, My Little Pony is being resurrected thanks to a little help from two of our favorite things: everyday creatives and 3D printing.

Toymakers Hasbro and 3D printing co Shapeways teamed up to launch a new website that “empowers fans to be creators” using their favorite Hasbro-approved toys as inspiration, starting with My Little Pony. Fans around the world can flex their creativity and design their own rainbow-hued equestrians to be trotted about online and printed IRL through SuperFanArt.

Currently there are five featured MLP fan artists, their resumes ranging from animation enthusiasts to graphic artist, students and sculptors, but Hasbro plans to open up their online gallery to more artists and more products in the future.

Although this is a super specific online marketplace, we love the concept of showcasing designers’ passion (shh, yes even if that passion happens to be pretty, pretty ponies) that can come to life thanks to 3D printing. This is the type of collaborative community runing on the power of 3D printing that we expect seeing in many, many more industries in the future. And we have to say, this collaboration is more interesting and interactive than what Makerbot is currently doing with Sesame Street on Thingiverse.

We have a little series around here on Brit + Co called “Made Us Look,” and it just might be time we launched Made Us Print, starting with the premiere of our own line of Brit + Co Ponys (Conys?). If Hasbro follows this up with the option to let us 3D print some of our favorite Ponys of the past, you have yourselves a new partner, Hasbro.

Okay, ppl, let’s do this: What would your My Little Pony fan art look like? Give us the mane and hoof colors and side decals below. Accessories, too.