Nothing is more irritating than a new crop of pimples sprouting up around your period every month. It can interfere with wedding pictures, date night, or even just your go-to no-makeup makeup look. No matter how many steps your skincare regimen is, no products are a match for hormones. Chrissy Teigen just gave us some encouragement in that department, though, with a 鈥渞evealing鈥 video on Snapchat.

The model posted a no-makeup selfie video on the social platform (and then posted it on Twitter), showing off her angry 鈥減eriod skin.鈥 Like the rest of us, Teigen was not super thrilled to grapple with hormonal blemishes on Monday. We definitely feel her pain, but it鈥檚 nice to know we aren鈥檛 alone in waking up to breakouts during our period.

Since menstruation causes an increase in sebum production, if you already have an oil-prone complexion, you鈥檙e at risk for breakouts. 鈥淔or some women it鈥檚 before their period, for some it鈥檚 during, and for others it鈥檚 after their period, but it is consistent for each woman,鈥 says NYC-based dermatologist Neal Schultz. To treat your monthly breakouts, keep your routine regular. In addition to consistent cleansing and toning every day, you should also remove the build-up of dead skin cells on your face. 鈥淒aily glycolic exfoliation at home and monthly professional glycolic peels help to decrease these hormonal monthly breakouts (so time the monthly peel a few days before your expected breakout),鈥 Schultz, founder of and, advises.

Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it!

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It鈥檚 not the first time Teigen has been candid about her body. She鈥檚 shown off her stretch marks, shared the details of her changing pregnancy body, and proudly shade a pic of her breastfeeding. We might know celebs are mere mortals, but sometimes their access to beauty treatments and their ability to show up places looking perfect makes us question it. Thanks, Chrissy, for keeping it real.

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