Smells like Teen Spirit, but looks sort of like a laser gun… it’s ClickStick, a high-tech, reusable deodorant applicator that dispenses only the amount you need. Designed by an actual rocket scientist, this product is currently funding on Kickstarter. At first it seems kind of over the top to have this electronic deodorant device (and app) just for your armpits, but according to the creators it actually could help reduce waste (it’s refillable) and eliminate the overuse of aluminum (since you only apply what you need).

To set up the ClickStick, you download the accompanying app to set your preferences and order refills when you need more deo in natural, regular or clinical strength. The stick is refillable, as we said, so the founders say that it could save 30-90% of the plastic waste created by throwaway deodorants. And the prices for refills are fairly comparable to retail prices. When it’s time to apply, you simply push the button on the ClickStick and it’ll deliver just the right amount of deodorant every time — right at your armpit, so the deodorant ends up where it’s supposed to be and not on your clothes.

If you’re interested in funding this project, a $19 pledge will get you one black, white or purple reusable ClickStick filled with the deodorant of your choice.

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