Pepsi may have pulled their controversial Kendall Jenner ad when it became apparent pretty much immediately how much of an epic fail it was. But if there鈥檚 anyone who鈥檚 getting a cheeky kick out of the sitch, it would definitely be the peeps over at Coca-Cola.


While the rival soda brand hasn鈥檛 stepped into the hoopla on their own (backlash, boycotts, and lawsuits are pretty nasty, after all), they鈥檙e not opposed to acknowledging when other peeps take on the controversy.

As folks tweet their distaste for Pepsi and their Kendall Jenner ad, they鈥檙e also urging fans of Coke to renew their allegiance.

It looks like it鈥檚 a pop-based protest for plenty of peeps, ATM.

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(h/t Digital Spy; photo via Scott Olson/Getty)