Talk about a marketing mishap.

Almost immediately after Pepsi released its already-infamous Kendall Jenner ad yesterday, the internet collectively lost its mind. One thing is clear: The company’s decision to get in on the political discussion has NOT gone according to plan. Protests have become an increasingly common part of our 2017 political climate, and activists and regular folk alike aren’t thrilled to see a major corporation try to cash in on hot-button issues like #BlackLivesMatter or the Women’s March.

Within minutes of Pepsi’s commercial release, the internet was buzzing about the misstep.

Some just totally destroyed Pepsi’s decision-making skills. Others pointed out that it’s sort of ridiculous to just be able to open a can of Pepsi and solve all the world’s problems.

Even Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter Bernice got in on the conversation:

Others are reminiscing about how good other celebrity-focused Pepsi ads were (mostly starring Bey):

And leave it to Rosario Dawson to point out how similar it is to a video she did 15 years ago… which Pepsi obviously missed the point of:

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(Photo via Tristan Fewings/Getty)