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Coco Rocha’s baby is only two days old, but she’s already racked up about 17,000 Instagram followers. The model and her husband, James Conran announced this past Saturday that they welcomed a new baby girl into the world. Coco shared a snap of the babe on her Instagram account alongside the caption, “James and I are so proud to welcome into the world our healthy and beautiful baby girl, Ioni James Conran! She’s the best of both of us and completely perfect from head to toe. #BabyConran is now officially @IoniConran!”

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We know that Ioni has modeling skills in her blood, but whoa, does this newborn know how to work a camera. Over on her own Instagram account, the new parents shared a snap of Ioni busting out some “Blue Steel” level facial expressions. The caption for that pic reads, “Just a few hours old and I’m already a master of emoting. Here I present just 4 from my repertoire: “doubting”, “bored” “suspicious” and “intrigued.” She’s also pictured doing some serious hand modeling and sleeping like, well… a baby.

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Possibly the most impressive image shared on Ioni’s account is a photo of Coco snapped only a few hours before the baby’s arrival with the tagline, “The time is right to make my grand entrance.” We know Ms. Rocha is a supermodel and all, but it seems slightly unfair that she can manage to look this gorgeous and peaceful during labor.

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Now, let’s talk about that baby name. Ioni looks to be a variation of the Scottish name, Iona which is an island off the coast of Scotland and the site of an ancient monastery. The parents have yet to give any background on the unique name pick, but we do know that Coco’s husband is UK-born, so maybe the destination has some sort of importance to the couple. However, if Ioni ends up going by her middle name instead it looks like there will be two baby girls named James in Hollywood (you may remember that it was officially confirmed that Blake Lively’s baby girl is also named James).

Judging by the adorableness and ultra-impressive modeling skills seen in Ioni’s two-day-old snaps, we’re betting there are some seriously cute Instagram pics in this babe’s future.

What’s your take on this unique baby name? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @ioniconrad and @cocorocha)