ICYMI, harsh chemicals for your babe-worthy hair are out. Like waaay out. Following in the footsteps of natural beauty experts and green-minded stars like Jessica Alba and Shailene Woodley, we鈥檙e taken with natural beauty products and green-living hacks that are safe, toxin-free and totally eco-friendly. We鈥檝e discovered a way to boost your hair color naturally and cover unwanted gray strands or fading pigment 鈥 all using Lorelai and Rory鈥檚 go-to beverage of choice. Why yes, we鈥檙e talking about coffee! Coffee loversmust check out this simple and safe hair hack that鈥檚 tailor-made for ladies longing for mocha tresses. So channel your inner Gilmore Girls fangirl, brew up a pot of your strongest blend and don鈥檛 be surprised if you opt out of your next color touch-up at the salon.


1. DIY Coffee Dye Job: The rich espresso tones of a natural coffee dye job takes tresses from blah to bangin鈥 in no time. From those pesky grays to the brassiness that follows a fading darker dye job, your everyday a.m. pick-me-up is the ultimate problem solver. Follow this DIY tutorial and step out as a winter-ready brunette in a fraction of the time spent at the salon (and for a fraction of the price too). (Photo via Glow Pink)

2. Dark RoastEspresso: This dark roast hue will give your winter look a jolt thanks to an at-home java treatment. Her rich natural strands complement her complexion beautifully and make her eye color pop without all the chemicals.


3. DIY Homemade聽Coffee聽+ Honey Hair Mask: This all-natural DIY serum will leave your strands looking shiny and super healthy courtesy of a color-enriched concoction. Grab all the ingredients you鈥檒l need right from your kitchen, and in just 15 short minutes, your hair will be ready to go. Message your scalp with a tablespoon of EVOO to keep your roots moisturized. Va-va-VOOM. (Photo via Makeup and Beauty)

4. Cinnamon-InfusedBrew: Your natural hue will determine the final result of this beyond-convenient hair hack, and depending on the blend of your brew and the length of your mixture鈥檚 application, your color can range from light latte to dark black. This Instababe sports a classic bob that has just the right sprinkle of cinnamon.

5. Iced Coffee + Caramel Creamer: The coffee hair hack is a lifesaver if you鈥檙e looking to cover up any off-season highlights that you鈥檙e just so over. Apply the solution to the lighter sections of your mane for an easy seasonal upgrade. Even if you don鈥檛 end up with a uniform color, you鈥檒l be rocking an undeniably smoother blend.

6. Medium Roast Morning Blend: Blondes can get in on this all-natural hack solution too! The warmth of your natural hue will shine through your darker tint, resulting in an easy, breezy, tiger-eye hue.


7. Before 鈥楴 After Blonde Roast: As you can see from the before and after shot, her natural blonde locks are now shades darker and infinitely cooler. We鈥檙e super impressed with how her new darker 鈥榙o makes her skin glow and her blue eyes shine bright. (Photo via Babbling Brooke)

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