There鈥檚 always a bit of curiosity and, honestly, a bit of secrecy around the products and routines people use to keep their skin healthy from the inside out. What鈥檚 even more intriguing is when you can get a peek into the skincare secrets of industry experts. This series will lift the veil on the products, tips and hacks behind people who are majorly *skinspirational.*

Jessica Morse lives and breathes green beauty. For starters, she runs a must-read blog called Bare Beauty, which focuses on helping women make clean product choices. Basically, Jessica helps us understand which ingredients to look out for in the products we use every day, from face wash to laundry detergent.


Beyond helping us decode labels and their ingredients, she serves up no-frills reviews of products and shares tips on how we all can make more informed decisions about the personal care item we buy. Needless to say, Jessica knowsnatural beauty and is one herself ;) Her skincare routine is one for the books 鈥 but look at her! It鈥檚 working. Read on to get the scoop on exactly how this lady gets her natural glow.



1. Refreshing Cleanse: 鈥淚n the morning, I use True Botanicals CLEAR Hydrating Cleanser ($48) mixed with their Polishing Grains ($44). The cleanser hydrates while cleaning thoroughly to fight breakouts. The super-fine grains wake up and exfoliate my skin without aggravating it.鈥


2. Balancing Toner: 鈥淚鈥檓 addicted to True Botanicals CLEAR Nutrient Toner ($48) 鈥 I spray it on as soon as I finish washing my face or when I step out of the shower. Black willow bark extract and olive leaf extract eliminate bacteria, and kombucha and apple cider vinegar keep my skin pH-balanced.鈥


3. Brightening Serum: 鈥Laurel Whole Plant Organics Eye Serum ($72) is a miracle. I鈥檝e been using it for about a year and I鈥檓 hooked. Bilberry, fennel, licorice, nettle, chamomile and rosehips brighten and reduce the appearance of dark circle. These magical ingredients also strengthen capillaries and reduce puffiness, inflammation and fluid retention.鈥


4. Balancing Oil: 鈥True Botanicals CLEAR Pure Radiance Oil ($110) is incredible for acne-prone skin. It moisturizes so well without leaving a trace of greasy residue, immediately sinking into the skin to balance out both oily and dry areas. Algae extract and astaxanthin provide a high concentration of omega 3鈥檚 to keep skin looking its best.鈥


5. Skin Protection: 鈥True Botanicals Everyday Sheer SPF 20 ($40) is light enough to apply right on top of the True Botanicals CLEAR Pure Radiance Oil ($110). I love the gorgeous semi-matte finish and its broad spectrum, non-nano zinc oxide SPF is the safest available.鈥


6. Makeup-Removing Oil: 鈥淚 honestly don鈥檛 know what I did before One聽Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover ($42). This is the only cleansing oil I鈥檝e ever used that not only loosens dirt, grime, makeup and sunscreen but also rinses clean instead of leaving a greasy mess behind.鈥


7. Foaming Cleanser: 鈥淚 follow up with BioRecept Mousse de Peau ($33). It is the gentlest, hardest-working foaming cleanser I鈥檝e come across. My skin feels truly clean but never tight or dry.鈥


8. Balancing Toner: 鈥淚 use True Botanicals CLEAR Nutrient Toner ($48) for probably the tenth time in a day 鈥 I told you, I鈥檓 addicted! This helps my serums spread evenly over my face and provides extra hydration before bedtime.鈥


9. Soothing Serum: 鈥淢ost nights, I use Vintner鈥檚 Daughter聽Active Botanical Serum ($185) which is liquid gold. I鈥檝e never witnessed a single product do so much; I wake up with less inflamed skin that also looks brighter and more glowy. I could recommend this product to absolutely anyone and everyone.鈥


10. Next Level Eye Cream: 鈥Bottega Organica Illuminate Eye Contour Cream ($145) is the best eye cream out there, period 鈥 especially for sensitive eyes like mine. It鈥檚 packed with regenerating arnica and coneflower, brightening cucumber, horse chestnut and olive oil from Bottega Organica鈥檚 own farm in Italy. Anyone who uses this rich and non-greasy eye cream will definitely see a difference in a month.鈥


11. Dynamic Nighttime Duo: 鈥淢y nighttime piece de resistance is True Botanicals CLEAR Cellular Repair Serum ($140) mixed with their Vitamin C Booster ($90). This dynamic duo prevents blemishes, evens skin tone, improves moisture retention, fights wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. If I go even two nights without it, I notice a (bad) difference in my skin.鈥


12. Around The Clock Lip Balm: 鈥Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm ($22) is the most effective lip balm I鈥檝e ever used. I used it every night and in the morning it is still working its magic. My lips have never been in better shape.鈥

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(Photo via Bare Beauty)