Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee. That’s the saying, right? We love a trip to the neighborhood roaster as much as the next girl but certain situations call for a more portable version of your best brew. Enter Coffeebrewer, a French press pouch that lets you take out-of-this-world coffee anywhere.

We don’t like to brag, guys, but we kiiiinda discovered this can’t-live-without invention two years ago. What can we say, we’re coffee fiends. There’s nothing like enjoying a warm cup of coffee from your French press — and we want it on the go. Thank the breakfast gods for a pouch that allows you to make your best cup anywhere. Each small, portable pouch holds 18 grams of artisan coffee, just waiting for hot water. Once you pop the top and pour it in, just wait two to four minutes and you have a satisfying cup of brew to get you through the day.

While the method is similar to a pour over, the end result tastes a lot like what you get with your French press. Enjoyment is practically guaranteed because the coffee inside this smart pouch is some of the best out there. The Coffeebrewer is made by Grower’s Cup, a top notch coffee maker that boasts hand picked coffee berries, slow roasted in small batches to ensure amazing flavor and quality.

With multiple brews to choose from, you’ll find the perfect variety for you. At $4 a pouch, it’s about the equivalent of your daily java run but the coffee grounds in the pouch make about two cups so you should be able to savor your investment. So now that your coffee is portable, you can go ahead and book that camping trip.

How do you enjoy coffee on the go? Let us know in the comments below!