When you’re refurbishing your home, a little bit of paint goes a long way, so a DIY paint project is ideal for penny-pinchers and renters alike. If you’re into reinventing basic furniture items as chic modern essentials, try using a color-dipping technique to bring this classic interior design trend to your IKEA stools, planters, cabinets — and pretty much anything else you can think of! Scroll down for 18 color-dipped IKEA hacks that will brighten up your home.


1. Geometric Pinboards: These colorful pinboards show that, with just a little effort, you can elevate practical objects. Give your IKEA VAGGIS noticeboards a color-blocked twist using spray paint and masking tape. (via Enthralling Gumption)


2. Outdoor Bench: If your gardening area isn’t looking quite as fresh as your plants, consider giving it a well-deserved makeover. Though this IKEA hack features the NORNÄS, any wooden bench will do. For a unique take on the color-dipped trend, reverse the look by leaving the bottom of the legs unpainted. (via Sarah Hearts)


3. Dip-Dyed Serving Utensils: Upgrade basic wooden serving utensils by color-dipping, color-blocking and painting them. To achieve precise designs, use a stencil and pencil to draw out your design before painting. (via The Everygirl)


4. Dyed Storage Baskets: Attention, DIYers! Fabric dye works well on non-fabric materials too. If you’ve got natural fiber baskets like these IKEA FRYKEN ones, try replicating this charming look. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

color dipped stools

5. Dipped Stools: It doesn’t take much to fancy up ordinary stools — just a few licks of pastel paint will do it. They’ll freshen up your breakfast nook as seating or serve as a plant display for your living room. (via Style Me Pretty)

copper dipped candles

6. Copper-Dipped Candles: Metallic accents are an easy way to up your modern decor game. To bring this contemporary trend to your home, paint the bottom half of your IKEA candles in copper paint for a warm-toned shine. (via Sugar and Bash / Style Me Pretty)

design love fest column

7. Color-Dipped Vase: Give old candleholders new life with a fresh coat of paint and a different function. The bottom of this BLOMSTER candleholder was spray painted with a bold pop of yellow and repurposed as a mini plant pedestal. (via Design Love Fest)

dipped table

8. Fluorescent-Painted Dining Table: A dining room staple gets a modern edge, thanks to a fresh coat of neon paint. Get this striking look by coating your table legs in your favorite bright shade. (via Leela Cyd Ross / Apartment Therapy)


9. Wicker Chair: For twice the makeover power, give your IKEA chair a paint job before color-dipping its legs. The contrast between the two hues will further emphasize its modern edge and really transform your space. (via Burlap and Blue)


10. Painted Cutting Boards: Liven up your kitchen space with these color-dipped cutting boards. When choosing paints, make sure they’re non-toxic! If you want to be extra cautious, stick to painting just the handles and finish it off with food-safe sealant. (via My Fabuless Life)

11. Step Stool: A muted blue brightens up a plain white step stool and integrates it into a calming bathroom environment. You can choose a bold color to invigorate the space or a softer color to complement your surroundings.


12. Blue-Dipped Vases: These beautiful vases convey a nautical-inspired aesthetic. Choose a color scheme that best fits your existing decor to create a similarly harmonious accent. (via IKEA)


13. Color-Dipped Bamboo Planters: We love the contrast of a vibrant pop of color paired with a metallic shade. For a similar look, paint your planters green and copper or fuchsia and silver. (via Real Housemoms)


14. Stationery Box: Transform a simple desktop organizer into a statement piece by painting it a summer-inspired shade. Decorate just one or create a rainbow of boxes for an eye-catching display. (via Passion Shake)

ivar cabinet meyer lavigne

15. Neon-Painted Cabinet: Go from ordinary to extraordinary by giving IKEA’s IVAR cabinet a neon-painted undercarriage. The original piece doesn’t come with legs, so you can personalize with a unique set of pegs before unifying them with a shared color. Consider hairpin legs for a mid-century modern feel. (via Meyer Lavigne)

regolit pendant

16. Dipped Lanterns: Wow your party guests with dipped REGOLIT rice paper shades hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful year-round or as holiday-themed decorations, these lovely lanterns will make any room more festive. (via IKEA Pinterest)

svalbo hack

17. Dipped Sideboard: The SVALBO line may have been discontinued, but any solid pine piece should work just fine. This project calls for a primer coat, then latex paint for color and a polyurethane topcoat. (via The Sweet Beast)


18. Personalized Porcelain Tray: Give a plain porcelain dish added dimension by painting half of it with a non-toxic acrylic paint. To give your tray a personalized touch, add initials or words using a Sharpie. When finished, bake the tray at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Pro tip: Make sure to put the tray into the cold oven immediately after turning it on to warm up the dish gradually and prevent potential cracks. (via The Everygirl)

What IKEA hacks have you tried? Check us out on Pinterest for more DIY decor ideas!