The BEKVAM stool is a classic IKEA favorite that might just look like a normal wooden step stool. Yeah, it’s great for the kids and it’s great for reaching the top shelf in the pantry. But if you think that’s where this little stool’s potential stops, you’re seriously mistaken. The BEKVAM can be used in just about every room in the house: You can also use it as a nightstand, a storage piece, dining seating or a perch in the hallway for putting on your shoes. Scroll down to check out all the ways you can take that stool to the next level. If you don’t have a BEKVAM at home, these ideas might just make you want to go out and buy it. IKEA trip, anyone?


1. Kid’s Desk Seat: Um, can we please get this furry stool in our study? Make the BEKVAM a little more comfortable with a fur cushion so they can craft their masterpieces at a comfortable height. (via Design Sponge)


2. Kitchen Stool: While the natural wood of the BEKVAM is pretty, it’s way more fun painted a cheery accent color or covered in wallpaper. The kitchen is a great place to keep this stool, and it’s small enough to tuck under the table when you’re not using it. (via My Scandinavian Home)


3. DIY Coat Rack: Lacking a little something something in the closet area? Turn the BEKVAM stool into a fabulous and unique clothes stand where you can set out your outfit for the next morning. (via Micasa)


4. Bathroom Step Stool: No one should have to share a stool. If the sink is way out of reach, make sure your kids can still reach the toothpaste and fix their hair, and keep a pair of these super colorful stools right under the sink. (via My Design Chic)


5. Night Stand: Some of us require many, many drawers to hide all our bedside essentials. But for a guest bedroom, the BEKVAM is just the right height to use as a nightstand. (via Style Curator)


6. Outdoor Plant Stand: Take the BEKVAM outside and use it as a plant ladder. The two steps are just right for showcasing your herb garden and turning your patio into a mini garden paradise. (via Apartment Therapy)


7. Kid’s Bedroom Nightstand: When you’re not using the stool to reach high places, paint the stool hot pink and put it next to the bed as a mini nightstand. The kids will love having an extra shelf for keeping all their treasures close at hand. (via Svenngarden)


8. Study Seating: When you’re deep in crafting mode, you don’t want to have to worry about reaching your favorite art supplies. Use the BEKVAM as a desk seat that can easily be moved over to the storage closet and used to reach the top shelf of art goodies. (via Bolig Magasinet)


9. Sink Step: If you have little ones, you can’t beat the BEKVAM for a little extra height, and the handle makes it super portable and easy to move around when they’re getting their teeth brushed. Paint the legs an accent color to make it a little more modern or let the kids make it awesome with their own artwork. (via LWG)


10. Wallpaper Accents: Skip the paint and roll out the wallpaper to make these adorable little stools. Let the kids use them for a while, and when they’re taller, you can use it in the bathroom to keep extra hand towels and a basket of bath bombs near the sink for guests. (via This Little Street)


11. Dining Table Seating: They may not be the most comfortable seats, but it’s nice to have a couple of these stools tucked under your dining table for extra guests. It’s a great option for small-space living when you want to do a little entertaining and don’t have room for a full dining set. (via Deuce Cities Henhouse)


12. DIY Mini Kitchen: Your kids will love making dinner right along with you with this affordable little setup. It’s as simple as painting the steps black, drawing a stovetop and adding a little basket full of dishes. (via IKEA Hackers)


13. DIY Contrasting Side Table: The simple BEKVAM will ensure your bedside table doesn’t get too messy, especially if you throw on a catch-all bowl… or four. The step part of the stool is a great place to store your reading list and the top is just the right size to keep your phone, lamp and a cute plant. (via En Cours de Creation)


14. Living Room Side Table: Need a place to showcase your impressive succulent collection? This stool is just the right height to use as a side table next to the couch and you can easily personalize it to match the color palette of your room. (via The Golden Sycamore)


15. Minimal Bedside Table: We’re not sure how long our side table would look this nice and organized, but the BEKVAM is a great height for a bedside table and it comes at a price that can’t be beat. You could always keep a basket underneath to store your essentials out of sight but within easy reach. (via Casa Del Caso)


16. Breakfast Nook: The BEKVAM is a convenient space to sit, but doesn’t take up as much space as a bench or stools. Then you always have the option to move it around when you’re feeling inspired to see what’s hiding on top of your cabinets. (via In My House)


17. Fold Down Table + Seating: Breakfast nooks are hard to come by when you’re living in a small apartment. DIY your own with a tiny fold-down table and a stool that you can use everywhere in the kitchen and as a breakfast stool. (via Bolig Magasinet)


18. Nursery Stool: IKEA furniture is always a great pick for a nursery because it’s so multi-functional. Use the BEKVAM to reach the top shelf of the closet and then turn it into a craft table or mini reading seat when they get a little bigger. (via Handmade Charlotte)

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