What’s better than a fabulous planter to put your new plants in? An affordable planter you hacked from IKEA, of course. Whether you’re carefully babying an indoor herb garden or are looking for a way to DIY a vertical garden on the patio of your apartment, you can always count on IKEA for some inexpensive products that work double-duty as really cool planters and pots.


1. Bar Cart Garden: Alright, it’s official: The IKEA bar cart is capable of anything. Three whole layers of succulent beauty make this a really stunning piece to add to your indoor garden. (via Succulents and Sunshine)


2. Mid-Century Pots: DIY some little stools with legs and a piece of round wood. Keep the legs au natural or dip them in some bright paint — the choices are endless when it comes to personalizing these great stands. (via Sugar and Cloth)


3. Belted Hanging Pots: Add a textured element to your hanging pots by using a thrift-store belt instead of a metal hook. (via IKEA Hackers)


4. Wine Bottle Herb Garden: There is nothing better than having fresh herbs right on hand to cook with. So make over that IKEA Vurm wine bottle holder into a cool planter that takes your garden off the floor and up onto the wall. (via Curbly)


5. Chalkboard Display: You don’t need a lot of space to add a little greenery to your kitchen. Keep a couple pots of basil right by your other hanging supplies for instant garnish. (via Planete Deco)


6. Mini Greenhouse ($20): Okay, technically this isn’t a hack. This is just IKEA being awesome. Seriously though, how adorable (and useful!) is this little windowsill greenhouse?


7. Staggered Plant Stand: The IKEA PS plant stand is cool, but if you agree that the white stands are a little “meh,” try swapping them out with wooden trays for a much more stylish display option. (via Sugar and Cloth)

8.Fruit Bowl Planter: We actually think we like the IKEA Tradig fruit bowl better as a planter. Plus, it’s already got all the drainage you need, so it’s a super simple DIY project. (via IKEA Hackers)

9. Plant Pot Shelves: Is it just us, or is there something infinitely cooler about setting your potted plants in the shelf rather than on them? (via IKEA Hackers)

10. Tension Rod Garden: Perfect for the renter, with this hack you won’t even need a drill. Just use a tension rod to hang your garden right inside your sunniest window. (via IKEA Hackers)

More ideas to consider:

11. Tripod Planter: Since succulents have shallow roots, you can create a succulent planter from almost anything, including a colorful wooden IKEA bowl. We love how the tripod legs give this planter that fab retro flair. (via Lonny)

12. Macrame Style: Anyone dying to try some macrame this summer? These white pots are the perfect size to start weaving a little hanging net. Bonus points if you dip the pots in a fun, bright color. (via IKEA)

13. Rug Planter: Use an inexpensive little rug as a liner for a planter to bring in some fun texture and color. The rug also adds a certain element of country charm that we love. (via Liz Marie Blog)

14. Window Garden: Use the hanging Grundtal wall storage to put plants right above your kitchen sink. Think how good a few herbs would smell while you’re doing dishes. (via Design Sponge)

15. Metallic Accents: Hop on the copper trend and hexagon mirrors behind your hanging plants. They will reflect light and show off all the angles of your mad macrame skills.

16. Pegboard Planter: Pegboards are the best thing to happen to craft rooms, and we love the idea of incorporating a basket or two of plants into the mix of tools and art supplies. (via The Design Files)

17. Pendant Planter: As long as there is enough drainage at the bottom of the pot, you can make a planter out of anything, including this IKEA pendant light.

18. Make it a Double: Prepare yourself for the easiest DIY planter ever. If you want to add some height to your pots, just glue two of ’em together for a stylish silhouette.

19. Air Plant Shelf: We adore air plants for their can-do attitude toward growing anywhere we put them, including this awesome IKEA floating shelf. (via A Spoonful of Pretty)

20. Wooden Planter Box: Originally meant for bathroom toiletries, these bamboo boxes are affordable, modern and perfect for a little windowsill garden. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

21. Painted Succulent Pots: Dress up the pot on your desk with some fun paint drippings and splatters. Since these white IKEA pots are so inexpensive, you won’t have to worry about “messing up” while you’re playing around with paint.

22. Vertical Patio Garden: If you’re trying to figure out how to cover up an ugly wall or just don’t have the space for a mini garden, it’s time to think vertical. With wooden panels from IKEA and some hanging pots, you can start growing your garden ASAP. (via Design Wine Dine)

What are your favorite IKEA pots and planters? Tell us what you’re planting @britandco!