Colored lenses are one of the must-have sunglasses trends of the season, and a quick scroll through your Insta feed will prove it. Celebs everywhere, including the incomparable Olivia Palermo (here in Dior So Real Pop shades), have been clamoring for shades tinted every hue on the spectrum. Why? Because a fun pair of sunnies can make anyone happy. Now, one sunglasses brand is taking that concept — and the colored lenses trend — to the next level. Enter: Rainbow OPTX.

Rainbow OPTX is applying the holistic healing properties of color therapy (or chromotherapy) to their sunglasses. How, you ask? Chromotherapy uses colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that improve your well-being. Each shade affects a different chakra (or energy center), offering feel-good results ranging from calming effects to increased openness to a cheerier mood. Rainbow OPTX offers five different silhouettes in 10 hues, all for just $30, so you can find a pair that suits your style and your energy needs. After all, who couldn’t use an extra dose of positive vibes? Check out the effect each has on your psyche and find your perfect match below.


Magenta’s mantra is “I transcend,” flowing through the upper chakra. According to chromotherapy, this color brings you “an increased respect for the sacredness of life.” We could all use a bit more of that, right?


This chakra, at the top of the head, focuses on awareness. Violet is said to correct energy imbalances and cleanse the spirit, so if you need to shake out some of the noise, this is your hue.


Centered between the eyebrows — or the “third eye” — this chakra is related to intuition and has a sedative effect. Indigo works to expand your consciousness and insight. Searching for wisdom? Try a pair of these.


The back of the throat is this chakra’s area, revolving around communication and intuition. It will help you feel calm, relaxed, and reassured. We’ll take all five styles in this color, please.


Also targeting communication, aqua supposedly allows you to speak calmly from the heart with love and compassion. Save these for days when you have to deal with annoying coworkers or family holidays.


Centered in the heart, green’s mantra is “I attract” (oh, hay). This hue can awaken friendliness and increase sensitivity. Looking to make new friends, or need compassion from those around you? Try green lenses.


Rose is concentrated in the heart as well. With a mantra of “I love,” this color eases negative, angry feelings. Guess there’s a reason “rose-colored glasses” are a thing.


As you would expect, yellow improves happiness, confidence, and optimism. This sunny hue is supposed to stimulate more enthusiasm for life.


Orange’s mantra, whose chakra lives in the lower abdomen, is “I feel.” Wear the hue to feel emotionally balanced and joyful, and to attain a sense of harmony. Yes, please!


Centered at the base of the spine, red can help you feel more grounded. It also strengthens your will and boosts your energy. Put these on and hold your head high; you got this.

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