You know when you see a photograph and think to yourself, “wait, how did they doooo that?” You assume Photoshop is involved or some other behind-the-scenes trickery. But you know what’s really awesome? When there are no tricks involved except for perfect planning and elegant execution. Case in point, Colourant, the latest photo series from Floto + Warner.

Created by Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto, this series of gorgeous color-splashed landscapes is incredible. Images are created by capturing pigmented liquid right in that split second of beautiful movement. Each photo is taken at 1/3200th of a second — how crazy is that? While our minds continue to be blown by these photographs, we’ll let the artists do the talking on the idea behind this series:

Colourant is a series of floating sculptures that pass you by as an imperceptible flash. A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space. Creating shapes of nature not experienced by the human eye, these short-lived anomalies are frozen for us to view at 3200th of a second. Transforming the non-discernible and ephemeral to the eternal. The essence of photography — immortalize the transitory. There is no Photoshop used in these images.

We dig that definition of the essence of photography. The idea that what you are capturing simply cannot be captured in any other way, allowing you to freeze time… or liquid ;)

This isn’t the first time Floto + Warner have captured a colorful and transitory material. Their project, Smoke Signals, captured colored smoke in different landscapes. Peep a preview below of that project below. And be sure to turn up the volume — the video is set to Bon Iver’s Holocene, making for a truly ephemeral sensory experience as you view.

We look forward to seeing what other otherworldly images Floto + Warner capture for their next project. Until then, we’ll keep guffawing at these images and wondering if a DIY attempt involving water balloons is in order…

What cool photo projects have you seen lately? Share links with us in the comments below.

(h/t Honestly WTF)