After months of anticipation, The Bachelor finally aired the footage of Colton Underwood trying to escape the show by jumping over a fence. It took nearly all season, but the viewer reactions were worth the wait.

The dramatic moment went down after Cassie Randolph, who appeared to be the frontrunner of the season, said she didn’t think she was in love with Underwood and left. Underwood, devastated and overwhelmed, frustratedly ripped off his mic after saying he was “done,” and — you guessed it — headed for the fence.

Host Chris Harrison ran after him, but there was nothing he could do. Underwood, a former NFL player, cleared that fence in no time.

Producers have been teasing the dramatic moment since before the season started, so fans watched in anticipation every week — to no avail. One person even started a Twitter account called “Did Colton Jump Over the Fence,” dedicated to reporting on the status of the fence jump after each episode.

So when the internet at last got what it was waiting for on Monday, March 4, the reactions were gold.

“My man didn’t stretch, was wearing dress clothes, and had no momentum. And cleared it easily,” the fence-jumping Twitter account wrote. “I hope the @NFL was watching cause that’s a pure athlete.”

“I WAS NOT LET DOWN THIS FENCE JUMPING SITUATION IS EVERYTHING,” another viewer wrote. “Chris Harrison trying to open the gate… Just magical.”

After Underwood cleared the fence, Harrison and the producers ran after him, but the reality star was nowhere to be found. Naturally, one Twitter user made a missing person poster, while others used GIFs and photo memes to illustrate how the heartbroken leading man might be hiding out nearby.

ABC and Harrison have been teasing the moment as one of the most dramatic in the show’s history, and by most accounts, viewers were not let down.

“Me when Colton jumped the fence even though I knew it was coming for three months,” one fan wrote.

“The fact that the fence jump turned out to be part of the season’s most important moment and not some throwaway part is something we should all cherish forever,” another viewer tweeted. “The stars aligned.”

“Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he said this is the MOST dramatic season of #TheBachelor EVER,” another viewer said.

Harrison previously revealed that several stars have tried to quit the show, but this is the first time a physical escape attempt has been shown. Underwood, who was tweeting along with Bachelor Nation during the episode, admitted that it was “hard” to watch, and called it “the realest moment ever.”

One good thing came of the incident, though, according to Underwood. “At least y’all forgot about my virginity,” he joked. “Thanks fence.”

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(Photo via ABC/Josh Vertucci)