We can all agree the morning struggle is real: rushing around with one shoe on, making multiple passes by the full-length mirror, and frustratingly trying to pull together THE outfit for the day. We鈥檙e all looking for the getup that reads confident, unique, trendy, and totally you. So, what exactly is preventing you from living your most stylish life?! It can be a whole range of reasons, so we caught up with one of our favorite stylists, Amy Soderlind, to find out just how exactly to take risks and trust ourselves to achieve the personal style we dream of.

Soderlind is a modern-day boho style queen, mama of two, and the most stylish stylist we鈥檝e had the pleasure of meeting. She effortlessly integrates vintage and modern finds for a whimsical-meets-rugged-meets-polished AF #OOTD, every day. Read on for what fashion mistakes to avoid, where she gets her inspiration, her shopping tips, and more.

Brit + Co: What are some of the biggest style mistakes you鈥檝e seen?

Amy Soderlind: The biggest mistake women make is living in fear when it comes to style. Try the things that excite you and also scare you a bit. If your intuitive nature keeps pushing you toward mixing prints or a loud leopard pant 鈥 do it. I tell clients to try [this] in small doses. Another style mistake I see is everyone following the trends instead of playing and mixing with these trends to make something unique and individual. Style should be an extension of self. Don鈥檛 be a sheep!

B+C: What are your favorite resources for trendsetting?

AS: I love British fashion mags, always. Vogue Paris has incredible fashion editorials. Other magazines I dive into for creative inspiration are i-D, 10 Magazine, and Paper. Also, Pinterest street style during fashion weeks; I always see new ways to work similar pieces. [Then there鈥檚] getting lost on Instagram and finding favorite stylists and photographers.

B+C: How do you choose wardrobe essentials?

AS: Quality. Anything that can be layered. Classic silhouettes.

B+C:What advice would you give to someone who feels like they can鈥檛 pull off daring looks?

AS: Try in small doses. It鈥檚 like trying a new food or a new class.

B+C: What would you tell someone who hates shopping but wants to look stylish?

AS: Take a friend who is better at it than you. [Having] a sounding board and second opinions are key. Also, order online and try at home, ship back what doesn鈥檛 work.

B+C: How would you advise avid shoppers who have a hard time getting rid of clothes?

AS: I recently had my best friend come over and do this for me. We did a closet cleanse. I had too much emotional attachment to items even though I鈥檇 never wore some of them. She got rid of 50 percent, and it felt like a new closet.

B+C: What are some closet staple that you couldn鈥檛 live without?

AS: Vintage Levis 鈥 501鈥檚, 517鈥檚 and Farmers and Miners 70鈥檚 high-waisted [styles]. My Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants ($395), a perfect worn-in cotton tee, and my mother鈥檚 old beret.

B+C: Is there a 2018 trend(s) that you鈥檙e loving right now?

AS: Loving the skin [we鈥檙e] in. Women are embracing themselves as they are and supporting one another more than ever. Cellulite, fine. Gray hair, beautiful. Wrinkles, lovely. Celebrating individuality 鈥 more of that, please.

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