If you haven’t voted early, then prep yourself for the upcoming excitement (psst! Here’s everything you need to know about voting tomorrow). Whatever your voting plan happens to be, and while everyone has the legal right to get their ballot in, it’s not always easy to find time during the workday to slip away. That’s why some (kicka$$) companies are taking the initiative and helping their staff be more engaged citizens by giving them time off to vote.

Here at Brit + Co, the team will be taking a half-day out of the office to make sure we all exercise our right to vote. Woo!

Major employers like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, along with Spotify, TaskRabbit and Square are also giving their workers time off to be sure they vote, and outdoor clothing & gear company Patagonia will be shutting the doors to their stores for the full day on November 8 to encourage both staff and customers to head to the polls.

Curious if your company is just as kicka$$? Check out this list of more than 300 employers who are giving their employees time off to vote.

For those who aren’t being given time off, there’s a movement encouraging those who can to just take the time. Take Off Election Day even has its own website, saying, “It’s time we recognize Election Day as a holiday. At least an unofficial holiday. Take off some time on November 8, 2016. Work can wait. This election is more important than ever.”

Although some folks (like good ol’ Bernie) feel like everyone should get the full day off when election day rolls around…

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