You鈥檝e watched all the Presidential debates and paid attention to all of the memes, and you鈥檙e prepared and ready to cast your vote on November 8. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast.

Studies show that it鈥檚 not always enough to have good intentions, and that to make sure you actually get out and vote, it helps to have a plan. Plan-making helps people follow through on tons of day-to-day stuff like grocery shopping, getting your workout in and, yep, even voting.

To help ensure we ALL follow through, here are a few super easy tips for making your voting plan, STAT.

1. Get the nitty gritty details sorted out. Make sure you鈥檝e checked Google鈥檚 polling station tool to find out where you鈥檙e going on Tuesday. Double check what, if anything, you need to bring with you. Write it down, and have it ready the day before. Good first step. (Image via Google)


2. Make it specific. Even though November 8 is already burned into your memory, it helps to write down the date and time of day you plan on voting, as if it were an appointment. You can even tie it to other daily events, such as 鈥渁fter dropping the kids off at school,鈥 or 鈥渂efore grabbing lunch.鈥 Not only that, but it鈥檚 recommended you plan how you鈥檙e getting to the polling station, thinking through where you will be coming from and where you鈥檒l be headed after. The details are important for follow-through.

3. Use Facebook鈥檚 voting plan tools. This is a great way to make sure you know how your ballot is going to look (though of course, it may differ slightly on voting day) and helps you pre-choose how you鈥檙e going to fill it out. You can even email yourself your ballot plan for reference. It鈥檚 like cheating on a test, only allowed! (Image via Facebook)

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