It should be pretty obvious that we’re on an organize-your-workspace kick this week, and now it’s time to tackle what is often the bane of a well-designed workspace: Cords!! From chargers to headphones to power cords and more, these electronic lifelines can be downright unruly. Here are 20 products and hacks that’ll help you keep ’em in check.

1. Mini Hub ($19): Keep your headphones all wound up!

2. Cordlets ($10): Hate all the cords coming out of your computer in every direction? Wrangle them with these handy cordlets.

3. CableKeeps ($16): Currently on sale for $12 a pop at Fab, CableKeeps add a fun pop of color and manage to keep cords in tact.

4. Washi Tape: Not sure what cord is for what device? Add washi tape to the tops of your cords and write down everything you need to know. (via Landee see, Landee do)

5. USB Hub ($16): Wind up those USB cords with these adorable hubs.

6. Bread Tags (Free!): Well, free if you buy bread. For more hacks on general organization, head here. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Cabledrop Cable Clips ($8): Like Cordlets but for smaller scale cords.

8. Cordies ($10): Now you can keep your cords lined up just like little ducks in a row. Plus it comes in hot pink!

9. PowerCurl ($13): Not to be confused with an exercise move, the PowerCurl is all about creating a cozy home for that old power cord.

10. Cassette Tape Box + Colorful Sock: These two hacks by Real Simple are pretty adorable, especially the sock! (via Real Simple)

11. Friendship Cords: Remember these little darlings? These will make it easy to spot which cord’s for what and keeps them untangled too! (via Brit + Co.)

12. Snable ($15): Currently in Kickstarter mode, Snable is a cord organizer and iPhone stand in one! Fun.

13. Wooden Earbud Organizer ($27): This is actually a pretty beautiful cord keeper, don’t you think?

14. Cable Twisters ($10): These are a great way to add color to your cords while also keep them cozy.

15. Woofy Cord Organizer ($250): Okay we’re not sure you’re ready to drop $250 on cord organization but… WOOF!

16. Cablox ($12): Love the futuristic look of these doodads that let you manage your cords anywhere you want.

17. Coiled Phone Cord: Perhaps the predecessor to the cable twisters above, you can use an old phone cords to wrap up your cords nicely. (via Apartment Therapy)

18. Q Knot Reusable Ties ($9): Think of this as a twist tie on steroids. Use it for cords, pencils, whatever you want!

19. Leather Cord Organizers ($12 and up): These little beauties are handmade and add a rather bespoke look to your electronics.

20. Toilet Roll Extension Cord Holder: Last, the toilet roll hack! Add a little decorative paper and you’ve got an easy cord storage solution. (via Apartment Therapy)

And lastly, how amazing are these stock photos of people being frustrated with all their cords?! We obviously had to try creating our own.

How do you declutter your life? Any other organization problems you need help solving? Talk to us in the comments below.