Let’s be honest. No one is as organized as they wish they could be. But with so many great ideas floating around the Internet these days, it’s getting much easier to get your life (and your home) in order. The following items and ideas have either been created or found by us and are very practical and creative ways to start living in a more zen-like fashion.


Jars — be them mason, baby food, or even jelly — are definitely on our Top 10 Favorite Supplies Ever list. From DIY chandeliers to organization containers, there’s no limit to what you can do with these suckers. We especially love the idea from the photo above from Craft Gossip – spray paint a small toy and a jar lid and then glue the two together. So cute! (Craft Gossip)


These come in Brushed Stainless Steel or White and work great because they don’t damage the walls or cabinets. You can use these for a variety of things — hanging cords, purses, cleaning supplies that have holes, etc. And, since they aren’t permanent, you can move them as your needs change without the worry of damaging the walls. (SF Organized Interiors)


Don’t want to buy hooks? You probably already have some in your house that might accomplish the same thing! Repurpose your old shower hooks for closet storage. Check out our tutorial with the how-to.


Speaking of shower hooks, if you happen to have a spare tension rod around, try mounting it inside one of your cabinets for easy bottle organization. Remember to utilize that vertical space! (Apartment Therapy)


The Simple Human Bag Organizer is such a minor item that comes in such handy in the household. Every time you go to a store and come home with plastic bags, just put them into the organizer. You can reuse the bags for so many things: small bathroom trash bags, pet use, whatever you want. And, since you’re reusing them, you’re helping the environment too. (SF Organized Interiors)


Save your egg cartons! They can be reused for a number of things, from storing underwear (just roll them up in a ball) to jewelry, to small odds and ends like buttons and safety pins. (BHG)


Great for oh so many things. We especially love them for keeping game pieces together (our Settlers of Catan pieces tend to get lost easily) and also for storing small items like pens, SD cards, and even jewelry together. (BHG)


A fantastic way to organize ribbon in your craft room. Just stack the spools from largest to smallest. (Real Simple)


The must-have organizational item, these are great for organizing and storing different sets of objects like medical items (Tylenol, Band-Aids, etc), extra bathroom supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper), styling tools (brushes, blowdryer, flat iron), and more. By putting these types of miscellaneous items in containers that fit your cabinet or closet space, anyone can find the proper items without searching all over the place. And, by having them in labeled containers, you can stack the containers and maximize the space that would otherwise not exist if you placed the items individually on shelves. These can be used for many other things as well — try using them as shoe bins to store shoes neatly in a closet by stacking them up (or placing on shelves). Take a photo of whatever you’re storing in the bin for even easier access. (SF Organized Interiors)


Use a wine rack to organize all of your gift wrap and/or any rolled posters you are storing. (Scrapbooks Etc)


Purchase an old typesetting tray (or if you’re a letterpress nerd like we are, use one of your own) and refinish the wood with a sealer. Hang it on your wall to use as an accessory organizer. (Tonya Staab)


Have a retired racket lying around? (Or, just too lazy to use yours as often as you should?) Use it instead to organize earrings, necklaces and more. (Paper N Stitch)


Don’t have an old racket? DIY your own accessory organizer! Combine chicken wire with an old shutter to showcase all of your gems and jewels.

Window shutters are also fantastic for storing mail, thin books, and magazines. Put it in your entry way or even in your bedroom.


Don’t throw out your bread tags once you’re done with the loaf! Label them and use them as cord organizers so that you know which appliance you’re disconnecting while you’re reaching behind the couch with a plumber’s crack showing to find a new outlet. (Apartment Therapy)


Not just for shoes! Use these handy over-the-door organizers for everything from cleaning supplies to styling tools.


Simply attach woven baskets to your walls for extra storage space and easy access to towels, linens and more. (I’m Busy Procrastinating)


Hooks can go anywhere and hang so many things! Try using them in unexpected places, like appended to a dresser or entryway table. (BHG)


Also great for organizing accessories, from hair bands to earphones. Just clip and wrap! These work equally as well on the edge of your desk for organizing the ends of USBs and power adapters. Want to take it to the next level? See our tutorial how to decorate your binder clips.


Purchase magnetic tape with adhesive backing to stick onto walls, inside cabinet doors, or on any flat surface, then mount magnetic items like bobby pins, tweezers and hair clips for easy access. So easy and simple. (Lifehacker)


Though we’re not sure we’ve ever actually purchased a shower cap, we love the idea of taking extras from hotel stays or beauty salon visits and using them to wrap shoes before packing in a suitcase for travel. Keep those clothes clean! (Real Simple)

What clever storage or organization tools do you have? Send us a link!