The weather outside might still be frightful, but we’ve got our eyes set on the bike-friendly days that lay ahead, filled with sunshine, roving picnics, and two wheels. So, ways to pimp out our bikes are top of mind. The Crate by Fietsklik is the latest find on our wish list, and we’d probably want it even if we weren’t into biking!

This foldable, lockable, “click”-able cargo system is way more than a bike trunk. Created by Amsterdam-based Fietsklik the Crate is a new type of mobile accessory. Mobile because it’s great for attaching to a bike but also has its own set of wheels for using as a shopping cart or other roving cargo device.

Made from recycled, lightweight plastic designed to deal with high impact situations, the crate looks a lot like a cooler on wheels. The extending handle makes it easy to pull around and load up. Then, you can slide the crate onto your bike (via the Fietsklik click, pictured below) and you’re ready to roll!

The click is the base of this system, and securely connects to the luggage rack of your bike. Beyond the crate, Fietsklik has a range of accessories designed to click and lock into this base, meaning no bike burglars allowed! The whole idea is that you can carry a whole bunch of different objects, from shopping bags to a laptop to a 12-pack of beer, without sacrificing safety, security, or style.

We’re into it! It’s coming soon to Kickstarter, so we’ll keep you posted when it hits the pledge market ;)

Do you bike on a daily basis? For commuting, fitness, or fun? Or all three?! Talk to us in the comments below.