If you鈥檙e a pet owner, chances are your dog or cat is like a child to you 鈥 and we鈥檙e guessing a spoiled one. Now there鈥檚 a baby on the way, and naturally, you want your furry friend to be included in the family planning. One such way is to let your pet announce your pregnancy. We can see the 鈥渓ikes鈥 on Facebook and Instagram already. Here are 13 clever ways parents-to-be included their pets in the big news.


1. Chalk It Up: Create a fancy chalkboard sign and have your dogs or cats pose beside it. Take a cue from this one and use a humorous 鈥減artner in crime鈥 theme. (via @chalkingitupboards)


2. Frame It: Here鈥檚 another take on the chalkboard idea: Announce your pregnancy on a mirror or old window and have your pet stand next to it. Just be sure the mirror reflects something simple that doesn鈥檛 detract from the message. (via @a_ranger)


3. An A-meow-zing Announcement: Aren鈥檛 cats鈥 expressions just the best? Wait until your cat is making a truly unimpressed face and snap a photo next to your pregnancy announcement. (via @katie_lou86)


4. Paws for Effect: Use your cats to create a play on words like this one: 鈥淲e鈥檙e not kitten ya.鈥 (via @mythirtyspot)


5. Not Your Typical聽Pasta Dinner: Here鈥檚 a clever take on the popular Prego jar announcement, but with your cat. Add a clever caption and voila. (via Imgur)


6. Family Line-Up: If you have more than one dog, this 鈥渁dding one more to the pack鈥 announcement is perfect for you. Add a pair of baby shoes at the end of the photo for truly adorable results. (via BarkPost)


7. Simply Silhouetted: Snap a profile pic of your bump with your dog or cat looking up at you. This one is definitely frame-worthy. (via Life, Love & Lucy)


8. Toe the Line: Who doesn鈥檛 like pregnancy announcements showing only the family鈥檚 feet (and wearing Toms, we might add)? This announcement with the baby shoes and dog鈥檚 furry paws take the cuteness to a whole other level. (via The Rodimels)


9. Break the News With Shoes: Your pet is bound to have a few mixed feelings about no longer being the baby of the family. This pup鈥檚 expression perfectly captures it. (via Parents)


10. Babies All Around: Hearts will melt with this announcement featuring a puppy holding a sonogram in its mouth. Get the tissues ready. (via Parent Society)


11. Tell a Story: Have your dog or cat pose beside a pregnancy book. We鈥檝e even seen some pets wearing reading glasses for an extra-funny touch. (via The Stir)


12. Painted Paws: Grab a T-shirt and have your dog press its painted paws against your belly for this priceless announcement. (via BarkPost)


13. Hounds With Helium: Reveal the baby鈥檚 gender by attaching colored balloons to your dog鈥檚 collar and announcing it on a chalkboard message. (via BarkPost)

Did your pet help you announce your pregnancy? Share your photos here.