Finding time in our hectic schedule for dedicated creative time can be mega difficult. While updating our Pinterest boards with creativity quotes and DIY inspos can definitely work in a pinch, we’ve decided to make challenging ourselves creatively a priority this spring. One of the ways we’re trying to make it easier for busy girlbosses to take a “maker break” is through our exciting new DIY Kit Collection at Target (we just added five new DIY kits to the line! Eee!). Not only does every DIY kit include all the materials and instructions you need to finish the project, but each kit also comes with a FREE online class too. So whether you’re planning on taking a creative refresher on your lunch break or mastering a new skill at home, here are nine creative skills we’re itching to learn — plus, all the tools you’ll need to get started.

1. Jewelry Making: If you’re tired of spending all your moola on a necklace that you only semi-love, it may be time to try your hand at jewelry making. An easy way to learn the basics is by picking up one of our all-inclusive Target DIY kits like the Metal Stamp a Necklace Kit ($25) or the Weave a Necklace Kit ($25) — they’ll give you everything you need to start making customizable statement pieces that will *definitely* impress your girl squad.

2. Fashion Illustration: Whether your dream is to become an IRL designer or you just want to see your gorgeous fashion ideas come alive on the page, we highly suggest taking a few hours out of your weekend to complete our Fashion Illustration Online Class ($29).

3. Embroidery: Ladies, we probably don’t have to tell you that embroidery is making a comeback. To learn the basics of this skill, check out our beginner-friendly Learn to Embroider Kit ($20) or get even more crafty by making some cute home and fashion accessories with the Embroider a Wall Hanging Kit ($20) and the Embroider a Leather Cuff Kit ($20).

4. Designing Your Own Font: You do NOT need to be a graphic designer to learn this techy skill. In the online class Design Your Own Font ($39), Isabel Urbina Peña guides students through a 50-minute lesson that’ll take you through the entire process of turning your own handwriting (or a cool style you love) into a digital font using only Adobe Illustrator and two free apps.

5. Lettering and Calligraphy: No matter what you do for a living, learning the basics of lettering and calligraphy is definitely a useful creative skill to keep in your back pocket. Use our DIY Calligraphy Kit ($20) to make yourself some sweet custom cards and check out our Chalk Lettered Wall Art Kit ($20) to add a little lettering pizzazz to your space.

6. Succulent Gardening: In case you haven’t heard, plant ladies are the new cat ladies. Before we splurge on tricky and fair-weathered houseplants, we’ve decided to test out our skills with a Succulent Gardening Online Class ($9) first — plus, we can always use a DIY alternative like the Paper Flower Online Class ($9) if our cacti don’t survive.

7. Knitting: Knitting is one of those versatile skills that, once you learn the basics, you can create endless projects with (it doesn’t hurt that it’s super relaxing and mega portable too). If you want an easy way to learn the fundamentals of knitting, check out our Knit a Scarf Kit ($20). It comes with knitting needles, yarn, thread, and instructions, so you’re set to learn without the hassle of finding your materials. Easy homemade presents, coming right up!

8. Watercolor Painting: Starting with a basic introduction, the Watercolor Painting Online Class ($29) will give you a thorough understanding of watercolor painting in just one hour. You’ll learn how to build a custom color palette, mix colors, and paint various brush strokes, as well as how to paint and shade stems, leaves, and petals.

9. Quilting: If you’ve ever thought about taking on the hefty task of creating your very own quilt, you have to check out girlboss Libs Elliot’s amazing Quilting Online Class ($19) ASAP. Not only will she walk you through all the basics of the craft, but her modern take and cool aesthetic will help you transform your materials into a cool piece that you’ll be mega proud you made with your own two hands.

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