Scarlett O’Hara and Maria Augusta von Trapp knew it decades ago: Curtains equal fashion. So let’s frock those living rooms, bedrooms, and reading nooks with runway-worthy window treatments. Whether you’re ready to get out the glue gun and get down with pom poms or you simply want to get out your credit card and get on your way, we’re drawing up a roundup of sun-shielding stunners.

1. Two-Toned: Take ombre the other way (horizontal) with two panels of different hues for a totally chic effect. (via CocoCozy)

2. Chevron Stencil: Move over kittens, here comes the latest in cute overload –– chevron paired with teeny tiny poms. (via Sarah M Dorsey Designs)

3. Fringe Curtains ($50): We found these fringe benefits being used as a ceremony backdrop, but we rather think of them as a backdrop to our life, sitting front in center in our bedroom. (via 100 Layer Cake)

4. Stamp Circles: No taping, no measuring, no right or wrong. You don’t even need a paint brush for crying out loud! (via Urban Casita)

5. Silk & Velvet ($629): Silk! Velvet! Embroidery! Scalloped edges! So yeah… that price… it reflects all that fabulosity, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

6. Conversation Curtain: We couldn’t track down the full tutorial, but it seems pretty straight forward. Stitch “hello” or “sunshine” or “heck yes” and voilà. (via Design Sponge)

7. Geometric Embroidery: You may recognize this hip hang, but we’re taking it out of the bathroom and placing it front and center… in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen… everywhere. (via Design Love Fest)

8. Pom Pom Trim: Grab a glue gun and a yellow pom trim, and you’ve got a drop of golden sun peeping through the curtains no matter what the weather. (via Chris Loves Julia)

9. Ombre Ikat: We like a lot of things about these drapes. We especially like that this project will set you back a mere five buckaroos. (via Classy Cutter)

10. Chichi Sable Petal ($215): Cascading petals. Delicate ruffles. In the world of curtains, it doesn’t get any more romantic than this creation from Pure Home. Swoon!

11. Flutter Curtains: This Anthro-inspired DIY project is the most labor intensive on our list, but we rather think the hours are worth it. (via Kojo Designs)

12. Quilt Extensions: A word from all of our moms: Do not cut up a family heirloom when you start snipping away material for this kitschy cute endeavor. (via Back On Festive Road)

13. Langör ($24.99): A love story in curtain form? Let’s hear it. This one’s about a sailor leaving port and his loved one in tears. The good news is they can be happily reunited with a little tug from you.

14. Nautical Stripes: Ahoy! This is a chance for stark canvas Ikea curtains to set sail on a quick and easy revamp. (via I Heart Organizing)

15. Ombre Lace ($148): Here’s the latest from Anthropologie. And, of course, it’s as wonderful as you’d guess it would be.

16. Map Textile Roller: Remember when you spilled red wine all over that awesome tablecloth, and while one side was still as good as new, the other side was evidence of your party foul? Well, here’s a way to salvage part of it. Turn it into a pull shade! (via Martha Stewart)

17. Lace Doilies: Who ever would have guessed that doilies could look so good. We happily stand corrected. (via BLDG 25)

Hearing your curtain call? Let us know what you’re digging in the comments below!