Remember the old days when you had to wait at a bus stop or hang out in the backseat on a long drive and all there was to do was daydream? Sure, sometimes you got super bored, but we鈥檙e betting you鈥檝e also had some crazy and creative thoughts pop into that brain of yours when you let it wander. Flash forward to 2015, where whenever we have a moment to spare, our instinct is to whip out a smartphone. Why do nothing when you could be Facebooking, Snapchatting or maybe even Meerkatting (it鈥檚 a thing, we promise)? Well, for one, all that teching-out could be killing your creativity.

A story recently published on Elite Daily makes a pretty strong case for taking time out to do that thing all your teachers always told you not to. The article tells us, 鈥渢he amount of information we encounter each day is equivalent to around 174 newspapers. This means we receive fives times more information per day than we did in 1986.鈥 Yikes. With all that constant consumption it鈥檚 no wonder we鈥檙e coming up empty in regards to innovative ideas. Your brain is on overload all the time, and like any muscle, it needs a break every now and again.

鈥淎ha moments don鈥檛 come from a directed and particular focus on a task, but by letting your mind wander and open up to other possibilities,鈥 Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, an adjunct associate professor of psychology at New York University, tells CNN. He goes on to say, 鈥淸Daydreaming] is where things like problem solving, creativity, goal-driven thought, future planning, seeing the perspective of another person, and so on 鈥 find space to exist.鈥

If you鈥檙e a little put off by the idea of sitting on the couch and staring off into space, we don鈥檛 blame you. Some of us just aren鈥檛 built for that. But if you鈥檙e up for trying to incorporate a little more daydreaming in your daily life, here are a few ways to promote it.

1. Put Down the Tech. Duh. Whether you鈥檙e standing on the corner waiting for the bus or driving on your commute home, make a real effort to leave your phone in your pocket and just take in your surroundings. To put it in a more yogi kind of way, 鈥渂e in the moment.鈥 Maybe you鈥檒l see a cool girl wearing an outfit that鈥檒l spark an idea, or a billboard that will help solve that problem you鈥檝e been trying to figure out. The possibilities are endless.

2. Take a walk. If ever you鈥檙e feeling drained at work, try leaving the office and taking a 10-minute walk. Grab a cup of coffee or soak up some sun in a nearby park. Going back to number one here, you鈥檒l get better results if leave your phone back at your desk.

3. Doodle. If you鈥檙e someone who always need to be doing something, grab a pen and paper and get doodling. It鈥檚 long been believed that doodling can work wonders on your brain. In an article all about the benefits of the activity, Fast Company explains, 鈥渨hen the mind starts to engage with visual language, you get neurological access that you don鈥檛 have when you鈥檙e in a linguistic mode.鈥 In layman鈥檚 terms, you鈥檙e temporarily switching over to a different side of your brain. If you need a little inspiration on what to doodle, check out British artist Moose Allain鈥檚 technique.

And hey, after you鈥檝e done all these things and that million dollar business idea finally pops into your mind, don鈥檛 forget to give us a shout-out ;)

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