As if we needed another reason to wean off of our smartphone addiction鈥 turns out the pressure we鈥檙e putting on our spines when we鈥檙e looking down at our phones is equal to the gravitational pull of a 60-pound bowling ball. With each degree the angle of your neck increases, the more pressure you鈥檙e putting on your spine, and the results are not great.

We鈥檝e known for a while that the strain of looking down at a phone puts extra pressure on your neck, but Dr. Kenneth Hansraj brought the facts and figures to light. Given that an average human head weighs 10-12 pounds, when you鈥檙e hanging it down to stare at your phone, your spine is bearing the brunt of pressure. Hansraj says that the long-term consequences could be 鈥渆arly wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries.鈥

The not-so medical-sounding name for this type of strain is 鈥淭ext Neck.鈥 To give you a little perspective, The Atlantic equates it to 鈥済iving an aardvark a piggy-back ride.鈥 We鈥檙e guessing that feels pretty bad.

We鈥檙e always giving you tips on great apps and cases to improve your smartphone life, and that doesn鈥檛 have to stop here. The key is to hold your phone straight in front of you so you鈥檙e no longer putting pressure on your neck just to look down at Instagram.

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(h/tThe Atlantic)