Oh, the joys of workspace organization. Whether you work from home, in a cube, in a corner office, or at a large communal table, the best way to zen out your space is to get it organized. We’re not saying you need to get rid of all that stuff that’s perched under your monitor – you just need to organize it. After all, receipts, old notebooks, and binder clips need a home too.

Here are 25 inventive products and DIY projects to get that desk of yours in tip top shape.

1. Stacked Cardboard Caddy (DIY): What this project lacks in quickness and ease, it more than makes up for in affordability. (via Design for Mankind)

2. Triangular Wall Storage System (DIY): If you’ve got a teeny desk but plenty of wall to spare, use cardboard to create this clever geometric storage system. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Ceramic Note + Post Cradles ($12): Leave it to Anthropologie to make your desk look like a rustic scene out of Kinfolk magazine.

4. Zen Garden Organizer ($120): Add a meditative element to your workspace with this garden-meets-caddy.

5. Urbio Wall Garden + Organizer ($75): Like an open desk but need your stuff around? Wall caddies to the rescue! The Urbio is particularly awesome because it works as a vertical planter as well.

6. Milk Carton Phone Rest (DIY): This handy phone rest and pencil holder was made from a milk carton! (via Serious Craft)

7. Pen Zen ($20): Brit actually has one of these happily organizing her desk as we speak… er, write :)

8. Wall Pocket Hanging (DIY): For a softer look, we love this wall of pockets. This would also make a great place to store all those odds and ends in an entryway. (via Design*Sponge)

9. Floating Notes ($58): Are your notes and to-do lists more like works of art? Display them as such in this minimal wire organizer.

10. Wooden Pencil Holder (DIY): The right drill bit, a scrap of wood, and a bit of wood stain are all you need to make a pencil holder just like this. (via Wholly Kao)

11. Cordies Executive ($25): It’s an on-your-desk filing system for notebooks, smartphones, and your cords.

12. Nesting Crate Utensil Holders ($32): Even thought these are listed as utensil holders, how cute would they look on the right desk or work table?

13. PVC Organizing Cups (DIY): What an awesome use for PVC piping! Definitely bookmarking this for future projects. (via Designs by Studio C)

14. It’s About Thames ($55): Why not create a little British (Brit-ish?) landscape for all your desk essentials.

15. Pen Pots ($16): The mason jar on your desk is looking a little worse for the wear – upgrade your workspace with this sweet trio of pen pots.

16. Geo Cutout Letter Storage Bin ($18): This bin looks just as lovely empty as it when it’s filled with notes, notebooks, and other miscellany.

17. Workspace Bunny ($32): How adorable is this fluffy thing? The ears are actually scissors and the carrot is a magnet for keeping paper clips in check.

18. Cork-Covered Cans (DIY): You can use sheets of cork to disguise repurposed cans. Best of all, they double as teeny tiny bulletin boards. (via Petit Elefant)

19. Stacking Wood Trays ($128): If you take the documents on your desk very seriously, this splurge of a stack is for you.

20. Space Bar ($100): Get more out of your limited desk space with the space bar. It’s perfect for storing your phone, extra USB ports, etc.

21. Maple Wood Desk Accessories (priced as configured): This beautiful sweet of caddies is lovingly made from maple.

22. Granite Desk Toppers ($18): More of a minimalist? This trio of granite toppers will take care of your pen, your paper clips, and a business card or two. But if you’re this minimal, what use do you have for paper clips?

23. Salvaged Wood Organizer ($59): This piece has a place for your pens, pencils, and all sorts of other chotchkies.

24. Cork Pencil Holder (DIY): Cork is such an affordable material that it’s appearing on this list twice! This project takes a whole bunch of cork coasters, glues ‘me together, and drills through to create a pencil caddy. (Design for Mankind)

25. Desk Organizer Tray ($17): Think of this as the analog cousin of the aforementioned Space Bar. Don’t you need a desktop place to store all your washi tape?

How do you keep your workspace organized? Any favorite products or DIY hacks we should check out? Share your tips with us in the comments below.