Imagine one product that organizes, decorates, and also happens to hold your plants. Urbiois that home product. Although it’s described as an urban vertical garden, urbio is much more versatile than a plant holder. Using clean, modern design, urbio is also an efficient home good that helps you organize and store whatever clutter lies in your home. Now… how do we go about getting a couple of these for the office?

What’s great about urbio is that it’s buildable. You start off with a wall plate ($15), and then you can add any of the additional mountable vessels. The vessels come in different sizes and shapes, ranging from $15-$35.

Having urbio is like being your own designer! You can arrange and attach to your heart’s content. You’re the boss here.

And when you don’t feel like attaching everything to a wall, you can connect the vessels together.

Once you get your pieces, assembly is easy. Urbio comes with a poster that is a guide for helping you arrange your wall plates. Once you decide how to position your plate, you screw in brackets to the wall. Then, simply attach the wall plates and click them into place.

Now, you’re ready to decorate!

Would you get urbio for your home? What other snazzy home goods do you use to organize?