Usually, when we’re talking about Disney, we’re getting excited about their super cool partnership with Netflix or the newest teaser trailer (like the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast). What we’re not usually thinking of is international travel, but that’s changing now that Disney is giving us a sneak peek at their new resort in Shanghai — their first international park in decades, and one that looks to break their bad luck in theme parks outside the US.

In a Tweet, Disney teased us with a short clip of the new park, and it looks incredible. Nestled on a lake, the giant park combines everything we love about the original Disneyland, and adds a special Chinese flare as well. In a Wall Street Journal feature, Disney CEO Robert Iger says that he’s looking to get very important finishing touches on the park before it opens, like extra shade and seating, and that he’s on hand to help get the park into top shape for patrons come opening day. Disney has had some bad luck opening up international parks in the past (Euro Disney, anyone?), and has spent over five billion dollars creating the gorgeous space that houses everything from an updated Tomorrowland to Cinderella’s Castle.

The park also seems like a welcome addition to Shanghai, and will be the first theme park to open in one of China’s biggest cities. One thing’s for sure — it looks as though the opening of the new Chinese resort means that we’ve got a travel destination for 2017 that marries everything we love. Perhaps, that’s what Disney’s banking on — Disney fanatics traveling from all over to experience the magic!

Welcome to the happiest place on earth!

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