120 Creative DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween
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120 Creative DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

Oh, Halloween — a holiday that is quickly trumping Valentine’s Day on the couples bonding front. From way too cutesy to totally creepy, the Internet is running rampant with DIY inspiration in the world of couples costumes, and Brit + Co is no exception. From the ’80s to the ’90s with a lot of punnery in between, here are 120 DIY couples Halloween costumes to get you inspired. #WUT

1. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City: From season three’s “Game Over” episode where Abbi competes in the Soulstice Games and Ilana loses her job at Deals! Deals! Deals!, this costume pairing just might be two of the show’s most iconic looks. (via Brit + Co)

2. Daenerys and Khal: YAAAS. This is the only other Queen on this list that deserves a standing ovation. Plus, Khal doesn’t look too shabby either.

3. Pikachu & Ash: Here’s an adorable Pokemon-inspired costume, and we love how unique it is! Pikachu and Ash are bound to be a super-popular duo this Halloween, so be as creative as possible.

4. Soap and Loofah: This is one of the cutest and most inventive takes we’ve seen on the soap-and-loofah duo! No word yet on if it leaves you feeling squeaky-clean all night, though.

5. The Gay Royalty: Fellow peasants — thou princes have arrived to watch over the land of Beyoncé and Britney. (via Brit + Co)

6. Homer and Marge Simpson: Let’s call this one a new age classic — and props to anyone willing to go through all that yellow bod paint! (via Costume Works)

7. Ted and Tammy-Lynne: Classic. If you’ve seen Ted 2, we know you’re loving this couple’s costume!

8. Carpool Karaoke: Is it just us, or is James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series one of the greatest gems of the internet? (via Brit + Co)

9. La La Land: This costume is v. easy to put together, and once you have it on, you’ll be ready to dance and sing your way through Halloween! (via Brit + Co)

10. Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf: There are a million ways to make Little Red Riding Hood’s signature red look this Halloween. We’re excited to see all the modern takes on this classic fairy-tale. (via Love to Know)

11. JFK and Jackie Kennedy: Nope — they’re not Prince William and Kate Middleton — but they are a different kind of American royalty! Why not bring back JFK and Jackie O’s all-American legacy this Halloween? (via Total Sorority Move)

12. Flo and Mayhem: Cross-commercial love <3 Now that’s good marketing. (via Costume Works)

13. ’80s Birthday Girl and Beat-up Piñata: We’ll kick things off with one of the most absurd costumes from last year. Of course, I might be biased… since I am the birthday girl in this ensemble ;) (via Brit + Co)

14. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy: How awesome is this? We love the simplicity of the pizza costume. (via Studio DIY)

15. Gravity: #tbt to one of last year’s film faves! Also, that was such a good movie we have to honor it. (via Klout)

16. Army Toy Soldiers: “Don’t worry boy — I’ve got your back.” (via Brit + Co)

17. Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funny: These two = YES. And is it weird that we would rock that polka dot sweater on the reg? (via SheKnows and Pinterest)

18. The Kiss: Recreate Klimt’s iconic masterpiece with your S.O. (via Maibri)

19. Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody: The star-crossed pair from Homeland makes for a great combo, especially if, like these two, you actually look like the characters! (via Klout)

20. Jack and Sally from a Nightmare Before Christmas: This costume will have you in stitches? Sorry, we had to. (via Jesse Draper on Flickr)

21. PortlandiaPortlandia is flush with couples costume possibilities. Candace and Toni from the feminist bookstore make the perfect couple. (via Movement + Action)

22. Magician and Rabbit: Bonus points if you remix this outfit and dress as a multi-colored scarf instead of a rabbit. (via Say Yes)

23. Doritos: Although Doritos technically came into existence in 1964, they went through a serious makeover in 1994 when Frito-Lay spent $50 million to redesign Doritos to make the chips 20 percent larger, 15 percent thinner and with rounded edges. Like many of us, the ’90s represented a renaissance and new beginning for Doritos, and WAY MORE FLAVOR! (via Smilebooth)

24. Uber and Lyft: That’s right. We turned these two rival transportation companies into a couple. Perhaps, a power (struggle) couple? (via Brit + Co)

25. Wayne and Garth: Can you say…. schwiiiing? Leave it to Brit + Co editor Kate Puhala to make dressing up as Wayne Campbell actually look chic. The underbite-based smile that Garth is sporting really seals the deal. (via Brit + Co)

26. Black Swan: This costume is EPIC, and the dude looks totally terrifying but also kind of beautiful? (via Brit + Co)

27. Juno: Pair this chill maternity costume with your very own Michael Cera. (via Baby Gaga)

28. Eve and the Apple: Love this one! Seal makes a particularly good Eve, don’t you think? (via MSN)

29. Mary Poppins and Bert: Go for this classic cinematic duo and don’t forget to pack a spoonful of sugar. (via Keiko Lynn)

30. Sarah Palin and John McCain: Our very own Brit Morin rocked this look with her husband years ago, but it would make for a fun throwback this year as well. (via Brit + Co)

31. Princess Bride: As…. you… wiiiiish! (via Brit + Co)

32. Dancing Emojis: This pair of heartbreakers looks like they’re ready to tear it up on the dance floor. (via Brit + Co)


33. Pulp Fiction: I’ll take a Royale with Cheese. (via Flickr)

34. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love: Whether the dog represents Frances Bean is still TBD, but this is one of our all-time favorite costumes. And guess what? It was actually one of the entries to our costume contest way back in 2012! #tbt? :)

35. Waldo and Wenda: You can never go wrong with a classic like this. It’s one of those costumes that is always a hit, and gets you mad nostalgia points. (via Brit + Co)

36. Parks + Recreation: There are so many ways to go with a Parks + Rec costume, especially if you have a group. This couple made us LOL a little bit with their get-up — Ron Swanson and “all the bacon and eggs you have.” Runner up? Cones of Dunshire. (via Nikki Mason)

37. Twins: Journey with us back to 1988, when a world accepted the idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito could be… twins? Wait, WHAT? Khakis, penny loafers (or moccasins) and matching blazers make this look, but it’s those ’80s patterned short sleeve button downs on the inside that take it to the next level. Oh, and I happen to be playing the role of Danny DeVito in this costume ;) (via Brit + Co)

38. Andy Warhol and Warhol’s Marilyn: Pop art is perfect for Halloween, and so is its founder, Mr. Warhol. You and a buddy can go as the man himself and his magenta Marilyn. Rather go as muse Edie Sedgwick? Either way you’ll surely be a pop hit. (via Vanity Fair)

39. AcroBATS: Get it? Acro… BATS! They’re acrobatic bats, and they will most likely make it in into every photo booth picture at whatever Halloween party they attend. (via Say Yes)

40. Google Maps: Driving directions? Yes please! (via Flavorwire)

41. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears: How could we not include Justin and Britney, especially when portrayed by Sean Parker and his wife. (via Daily Mail)

42. Hawaiian Punch: Next up, a bit of punnery. Hawaiian… punch! Get it? We think that little cartoon Hawaiian punch dude would totally approve of this costume. (via Brit + Co)

43. Beetlejuice Couple: Eyeballs and serious DIY mask-making skills are required for this monster version of the couple stuck in the attic in one of our favorite spooky flicks.

44. Jay and Silent Bob: Snoochie boochies! Remember these two weirdos from Mallrats? (via Klout)

45. Corpse Bride and Groom: Just married? Bust out your wedding dress and suit and go for the corpse effect. (via Pixel Bomb)

46. Legos: A LEGO couple? We love it. (via Craftster)

47. French Baker and French Wedding Cake: Consider yourself a bit of a Francophile? Then dress yourself up as a croquemboche and get your beau to dress as a baker! (via Studio DIY)

48. Cookies and Milk: It doesn’t get any better than this classic duo. Be the treat when you head out the Halloween. (via Brit + Co)

49. Mulder and Scully: X-files fanatic? Or just want to rock a ginger wig for the night? Then this pairing has you and your boo written all over it. (via Perhapablog)

50. Bandits: File this under easiest impromptu costumes ever! It doesn’t get easier than this. (via Say Yes)

51. American Gothic: Your love is a work of art. (via Seakettle)

52. Willy Wonka and Golden Ticket: Now we just need someone to dress up as a golden goose and we’ll be all set.

53. Taylor Swift and All Her Boyfriends: Donned by Brit + Co marketing head Cecelia Cox, this costume involves Taylor Swift’s attitude and an S.O. who is willing to rotate between several masks throughout the night. (via Brit + Co)

54. Dumb and Dumber: Those suits will make you smile for days. (via Brit + Co)

55. Tight White Pants: No idea why this is hilarious? It’s definitely a deep cut, straight from Jimmy Fallon’s archive on The Tonight Show. Featuring Fallon alongside folks like Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez, this series is extremely silly and makes little to no sense — and that’s why we like it. (via Brit + Co)

56. Little Pete and Artie: Nickelodeon certainly had its share of iconic shows in the ’90s, and Pete and Pete was no exception. And Petunia? The best name for a tattoo ever. (via UPROXX)

57. Camp Counselors: Rise and shine campers! You can probably create this costume out of items you already have, save for a whistle and a sweatband. This could also be a great base for being two counselors from Wet Hot American Summer. (via Say Yes)

58. Soap and Loofah: Scrub a dub dub. (via Huffington Post)

59. Richie and Margot Tenenbaum: Oh, these two. (via Costume Pop)

60. Peanut Butter and Jelly: Peanut butter + jelly time! Our apologies for the fuzzy photo here, but this one is too good not to include. (via Mashable)

61. John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Channel your inner rockstars by becoming these two this Halloween. (via Brit + Co)

62. Danny and Sandy: This classic always looks good, and you will definitely win the dance floor. Because the dance floor is always something to win ;)  (via Costume Works)

63. Moonrise Kingdom: Both of these were honorable mentions in 2012’s costume contest, and would still work well this year!

64. Popeye and Olive: Now that’s a modern take on Popeye and Olive, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

65. Superman and Wonder Woman: He thinks of you as his Wonder Woman, and he’s your Superman. Why not dress the part? (via Brit + Co)

66. Mad Men Couple: Pearls and compartmentalized feelings are required. (via Say Yes)

67. Axl and Slash: Welcome to the jungle, baby. (via Brit + Co)

68. Johnny Cash and June Carter: Dress as star-crossed lovebirds from the beginning of country music’s heyday. Just be prepared to sing “Walk the Line” over and over again. (via Smilebooth)

69. Double Dare Contestants: OMG. How perfect is this? Especially if you rig your helmets so that they double as beer holders. (via Buzzfeed)

70. Party Animals: Turn the clock back to an imaginary New Year’s Eve party in the ’50s where folks like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were in attendance. That’s the look we were going for with this simple pun of a costume. (via Brit + Co)

71. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan: We’ve got another Brit + Co couple for this one, and this time it’s culinary rockstar Sarah Jones channeling her inner Gary Sinise. #runforrestrun (via Brit + Co)

72. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano: Oh, these two. The teenage angst, the dyed air, the flannel. Can we please bring back My So-Called Life? And guess what? The Angela in this costume is our very own editor, Kate Puhala. Woot woot!

73. Tooth Fairy and Tooth: #sweettooth (via Julie Ann Art)

74. The Mask: Whoa. When is the last time you thought about the movie The Mask? Like… not since 1994, right? (via Buzzfeed)

75. Spy vs. Spy: Remember Spy versus Spy? From Mad Magazine? Such a great ’80s throwback costume. (via Klout)

76. Nerds: Nerd alert! Sorry, we had to. (via Costume Works)

77. Jon Snow + Ygritte: This Game of Thrones couple costume is awesome! It’ll take a lot of layers, but it’s undoubtedly a genius costume idea for Halloween. (via The Verge)

78. Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree: If you grew up with painting pro Bob Ross telling you how to paint “happy little trees,” then you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic with this one. The costume can be a solo act or a group effort if you have a happy little tree or two. (via C.R.A.F.T)

79. Fred and Wilma: Wilmaaaaaaa! How cute is this?! (via imgarcade)

80. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion: We’re pretty sure that if you’re married to Gisele Bündchen some of her supermodel courage wears off on you. So maybe Tom Brady is the not-so-cowardly lion? (via @giseleofficial)

81. Paula Deen and Butter: This. Is. THE ABSOLUTE BEST! (via Huffington Post)

82. Breaking Bad: Meth is super romantic, you know? (via Brit + Co)

83. Pacman and Ms. Pacman: If you’re a couple who likes to roll with all your besties in tow, they can be the ghosts! (via Julie Ann Art)

84. Kelly Kapowski + Zack Morris: The cutest duo of the ’90s? Kelly and Zack, duh! Combine your love for early ’90s fashion and your love for the teen sitcom, Saved by the Bell into one rad couples costume. (via Ian Brooks)

85. Step Brothers: This is *such* a classic. Whether you’re partners, friends or actual stepbrothers, it’s sheer comedic genius every time. (via Brit + Co)

86. Silent Film Stars: Make your debut as a silent film star in 100 percent black and white.

87. Creepy Denim-Clad Horse People: Horse heads are a thing, and we happen to have two. So, if you really have no idea what to be this Halloween, Amazon Prime a pair of these and get ready to creep out your friends all night long. (via Brit + Co)

88. Trophies: Of course, you can quite literally go gold from head to toe! (Costume Works)

89. Sushi and Soy Sauce: For folks who love sushi, this is a fun and simple costume to create. (via Flickr)

90. Barbie and Ken: So good! So easy. (via Pinterest)

91. 3D Viewmaster and Slide Reel: How awesome is this?! Such a fun pair, though not the easiest costumes to bust a move in. (via Costume Works)

92. The Bundys: The shoe salesman and the crimson-haired bombshell were the ’90s answer to Lucy and Ricky, and we loved their love-hate relationship. (via On The Blog Bandwagon)

93. Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox: Foxes are always in fashion. What does the fox say?

94. The Queen of Hearts + Madhatter: Couples costume alert! This dynamic duo will definitely earn you the title of best dressed pair, guaranteed. (via Tested)

95. Edward Cullen + Jane: This isn’t your typical Twilight couples costume. Sure, you could go for the obvious Edward and Bella, but why not go to the dark side and go as Edward and Jane? Not only do you get to rock a killer cat eye, but you also get to wear a cape! (via The Pin Junkie)

96. Dylan and Brenda from 90210: We had to serve up the side by side for this one — that strapless dress with giant white bow and white gloves is just too good. In true 90210 fashion, this is definitely one of the more angsty, volatile couples of the ’90s. We debated on whether or not to include a Dylan and Kelly option on this list ;) (via I Am Not a Stalker)

97. Struck by Lightning: Love this combo of lightning and someone struck by lightning. Also, how much fun is that lightning having?!

98. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: It took us a minute to figure out who these two were – turns out they are two of the kids from The Sandlot! Awesome, though on the slightly obscure side.

99. Sonny and Cher: Another perfect move for folks with a height difference and love of ’70s patterns. (via Gallery Hip)

100. Salt and Pepper: This is a fun one for foodies. We love the idea of combining it with Salt N’ Pepa! (via My Burning Kitchen)

101. Deer and Hunter: Or if you’re feeling a little spookier, go as Big Buck Hunter and a deer. Yikes. (Deidre Emme)

102. Alice and the White Rabbit: We’re loving that jumbo pocket watch. Make one for yourself using a simple wall clock. (via Keiko Lynn)

103. Jack and Coke: Chances are you are going to be having quite a few of these. Drink up! (via Pinterest)

104. Bonnie and Clyde: Well-dressed criminals, coming right up. (via Wedding Chicks)

105. R2D2 and C3PO: That C3PO costume takes serious commitment — probably a good sign for a couples costume :) (via Costume Works)

106. Castaway Couple: WHAT. WILSON! YESSSS!(via Richard and Emily Bean)

107. Beer Pong: Relive your college pastime by dressing up as it. Or go for the more acrobatic approach and dress as solo cups and be prepared to flip. (via @caraorr)

108. Grayscale Couple: Similar to the Silent Film Stars, this grayscale costume is super impressive. (via Whitney Avalon)

109. Mario and Princess Peach: Possibly the original power couple of our childhood. (via @laurenleeva)

110. Old Couple: Fast forward fifty years. Bonus points for the huge purse. (B is for Becky)

111. Hall and Oates: Wait, what? Yep. We went there. You really do make our dreams come true. (via Brit + Co)

112. Trainwreck: This costume is definitely a potential rock-directly-from-your-closet look. Since this one is a little more understated, it will require you to play the part with your love throughout the night. Alicia and Michael’s acting game is going strong here! (via Brit +Co)

113. Ghostbuster and Marshmallow Man:For those of you who have no desire to make or creatively shop for your costume but still want a legit getup, look no further than this ’80s-inspired duo. (via Brit + Co)

114. Netflix and Chill: If you still aren’t quite sure what this means, let me break it down in a PG way for you: When youngsters these days ask one another if they want to “watch Netflix + chill,”  they are implying that perhaps a makeout session is the cards. (via Brit + Co)

115. Joker and Harley Quinn: If you’re one of those people who lives to create show-stopping couples costumes with your S.O. every year, then you’re in luck, because Harley Quinn and the Joker from Suicide Squad are *the* couple of the year, with their oddly heartfelt, twisted unity. (via Brit + Co)

116. Mrs. Butterworth’s and Waffles: WHAT. Yes. Waffle Ambassador to the nation Leslie Knope would definitely approve. (via Erin Isabel)


117. Curious George & The Man With The Yellow Hat: This is one we haven’t seen before! What a great way to re-live a childhood classic.

118. Zoolander: “Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he’s a cool dude!” (via Brit + Co)

119. Step Brothers: This is *such* a classic. Whether you’re partners, friends or actual stepbrothers, it’s sheer comedic genius every time. (via Brit + Co)

120. Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson: Regis Philbin as Kid Rock and Kelly Ripa as Pamela Anderson? Yes. This makes us uncomfortable. It’s that good. (via Woman’s Day)

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