Time “flies” when you’re a mother of two toddlers, running a startup and juggling a million other responsibilities. That’s why it’s important to me to cherish every special moment I have with my family in order to create unforgettable memories for not only myself but my boys as well.

A recent milestone worth celebrating was my oldest son, Ansel’s, third birthday. He, as well as my husband and myself, have a deep interest in flying (ahem… did you see that I flew a fighter jet!?), so we decided to throw Ansel an aviation-themed birthday party. Naturally, I set out to DIY and personalize the whole thing.

Scroll through for a skyrocketing recap of Ansel’s special day. It may just spark an idea for your own child’s celebration!

The Landing: For guests arriving to Ansel’s party, we put out this adorable yard sign.

Statement Tee: A birthday boy needs a signature statement outfit for his own birthday party! This one was a simple Amazon purchase, accessorized with a true Thunderbirds accessory, aviators. What a cool kid.

Airplane Wall: I purchased a roll of blue seamless paper (aka the stuff that pro photographers use for their photo backdrops) on Amazon and a ton of inexpensive foam glider planes to adhere on top of it, as if they were flying in the sky. I tacked on white balloons to create clouds and voila! — a beautiful decor piece and photo backdrop was born!

Sky-High Desserts: What’s an off-the-ground and in-the-clouds cake (self-made — I’m really into using fondant on my cakes lately) without adorable teddy bear sky crew cake toppers and customized airmail plates to serve the sweet treats on?!

In-Flight Snacks: One of my favorite parts of planning this party for Ansel was deciding which goodies to serve. I skipped the bag of peanuts and the soda, and instead went all out for these in-flight snacks. From cookie fries (which I purchased on Goldbely from a small bakery) to PB&J skewers, to baskets of popcorn and trail mix, no one was left feeling like they needed to flag the flight attendant for better options.

Party Play: To keep the kids busy, I set out a variety of activities for them to play with. My favorite was this Thunderbirds airplane activity book filled with coloring pages and more.

Wing Man Party Favors: Personally, I think party favors are one of the more important elements to a celebration and these “Thanks for being my wing man” candy bags are first in class. Apologies to all the parents of the sugar-rushed children I sent home with one!

Time really does FLY! This party theme was so fun to run with and Ansel loved every minute of it. Now it’s time to get him on a real Thunderbird to keep his eyes on the sky!

Have you ever thrown an aviation-themed party? What’s the most recent party you DIYed? Share with me on Twitter, @brit.