22 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Would Make Stellar Gifts
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22 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Would Make Stellar Gifts

Whether it’s your sister’s first Christmas tree with her boo or your aunt who will always make room for a little sentiment that sparkles, you can’t go wrong with gifting Christmas ornaments. This year, skip the shops and DIY a few to make your tree (or someone else’s) unique. Scroll through to see our fave DIY christmas ornaments that will make great gifts.

1. Party Animal Ornament: Are you a party animal? Show it off with this DIY. Pick up an animal ornament and tie on a couple tassels. It’s that easy. (via Paper + Stitch)

2. Confetti Ornament: Kick your Christmas tree up a notch with a DIY metallic confetti ornament. Not only is it super easy to make, but it will also make your tree that much more festive. (via A Lovely Lark)

3. Donut Ornament: National Donut Day is *basically* our favorite holiday, which is why a DIY donut ornament (with sprinkles!) is completely necessary. Donuts FTW. (via Studio DIY)

4. Paper Ornaments: Break out the Mod Podge and your favorite wrapping paper to make this ornament. It’ll totally brighten up your tree. (via Anthropologie)

5. Geometric Ornaments: Remember when you used to make everything out of pipe cleaners as a kid? Well, channel your inner kiddo for this project, because everyone needs a geometric ornament on their tree. (via …love Maegan)

6. Melted Crayon Ornaments: If you didn’t use pipe cleaners for every project, then you probably used crayons on the reg. Melt a pack and swirl them in a clear glass ornament. So pretty! (via August Joy Studios)

7. Painted Ornaments: Upcycle last year’s ornaments with just a little paint and your favorite pattern. That’s all it takes to make these bright beauties. (via Tell Love and Party)

8. Printable Holiday Tree Ornaments: It doesn’t get much easier than using a printable to DIY a fun set of ornaments. DL it on Oh Happy Day and make a set on a winter afternoon. (via Oh Happy Day)

9. Spray Painted Ornaments: This DIY consists of three things: old ornaments, spray paint and a permanent marker. Oh, and your favorite color and pattern, of course. (via Paper + Stitch)

10. Paint Chip Ornaments: On a budget? This is probably the least expensive ornament you’ll ever make. After all, paint chips are free. (via Say Yes)

11. Home Sweet Home Ornament: Hang this DIY ornament on the tree so you’ll always remember your first year in your new space. Buying “My First Home” ornaments is *so* 2014. (via Paper + Stitch)

12. Paper Ball Ornaments: Got a little extra time on your hands? DIY these ornaments on a snowy afternoon with your little ones. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. Glitter Ombre Ornaments: Get creative with some glitter. If green isn’t your thing, opt for gold or silver. Trust us, it’s just as festive. (via Paper + Stitch)

14. Sewing Ornaments: Hole punch pieces of card stock and loop yarn through the holes to DIY these ornaments. Your tree just got *much* more colorful. (via Mr Printables)

15. Gold-Dipped Ornaments: Tape off an ornament using painter’s tape to get this gold-dipped look. Feeling a more undone look? Pour paint in a glass and dip the ornaments instead. (via Suburble)

16. Color Block Wood Ornaments: Color blocking isn’t just for bright colors during the summertime. Make these metallic wood ornaments to keep your tree trendy. (via Tara Victoria)

17. Striped Ornaments: Pick up a few paper mache ornaments at your local craft store and paint sections using your favorite colors. It’s a simple way to make your tree unique. (via Oh Happy Day)

18. Ribbon Candy Felt Ornaments: Got a sweet tooth? Cut strips of felt and grab a needle and thread to sew into ribbon candy. (via Purl Soho)

19. Perler Bead Ornaments: Guys, perler beads were our jam when we were kids. Snag a bag of ’em to create these ornaments. Pro tip: Once the holidays are over, take off the string and use as coasters. (via Brit + Co)

20. Cardboard Yarn Ornaments: You’ve probably done some online shopping for the holidays recently. Save the cardboard boxes to DIY this yarn ornament. So easy + unique. (via SNAP!)

21. Air Plants + Moss Ornaments: Fill a clear ornament with air plants and moss to keep your tree natural. Hang with twine to stay as natural as possible. (via Brit + Co)

22. Paper Ball Ornaments: Bored of the usual glass ornaments? Make these using scrapbook paper and some thread. Opt for one pattern or 10 — it’s up to you. (via Nalle’s House)

What’s your favorite thing to DIY during the holiday season? Chat with us in the comments below.