If you’re a DIY junkie whose birthday falls between November 22 and December 21, read on to find out how to spruce up your home, Sagittarius style! Do your priorities lie in having enough room for your favorite books, travel trinkets and more? If so, celebrate your birth month with a round of DIY zodiac decor that reflects your worldly interests and love of learning. Check out these 25 DIY decor ideas to inspire your next home project!


1. DIY Vibrant Floral Photo Pillows: As a nature lover, you’ll absolutely *LOVE* these custom floral photo pillows. Just snap a photo of your favorite blooms and print it directly onto a sheet of cotton twill photo fabric. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. DIY Woven Placemat: Brighten up your place setting with beautiful DIY woven placemats. Their unique pattern gives off a modern eclectic feel reminiscent of travel trinkets that your travel-obsessed sign can appreciate. (via Brit + Co)


3. DIY Butterfly Chair: Create a napping or reading nook that looks every bit as cozy as it feels, with this DIY butterfly chair cover. Toss in a knit pillow or throw to complete the uber comfy vibes. (via Proper)


4. DIY Half Pink Shelf: Cater to your love of reading with this modern DIY half pink shelf. It’s pretty and practical — giving you the room to store and display your book collection. (via Enthralling Gumption)


5. DIY Card Catalog End Table: If you relate to your zodiac’s preference for a cozy, lived-in feel, visit a flea market or thrift store for vintage finds. Then upcycle the old or outdated furniture to give it a fresh, modern take, like this DIY card catalog end table. (via Hands Occupied)


6. DIY Canvas Headboard: Give depth and dimension to your bedroom space with something as simple as a stylish headboard. Luckily, this DIY canvas one takes less than an hour to make! (via Lana Red Studio)


7. DIY Bohemian No-Sew Pillows: Spruce up your space with this DIY bohemian beaut. Just use a fluffy rug or tapestry in an eclectic print and a pillow insert to create this no-sew pillow you can make in five minutes or less. (via monsterscircus)


8. DIY Shibori Dye Bath Mat: Turn any bathroom instantly chic with this homemade shibori dye bath mat. Getting to try out this Japanese dye technique will appeal to your love of learning and exploring other cultures. Warm water + indigo dye = DIY perfection. (via Jojotastic)


9. DIY Hand-Painted Marble Wall Box: Your appreciation for the new and unusual surely racks up a number of bits and bobs. Make this hand-painted marble shelf to store and display your various trinkets in style. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)


10. DIY Chart and Poster Frame: Your adoration for flora makes itself known in your decor. Whip up this DIY chart and poster frame for a greener-looking space. (via Oleander + Palm)


11. DIY Pallet Swing Bed: Lounge in ultimate comfort with this DIY pallet swing bed. Hang it from trees in your backyard to create the greatest getaway money *can’t* buy. (via The Merrythought)


12. DIY Ombre Rope Hamper: Your hamper doesn’t have to be a dead giveaway about all your dirty laundry. Chic-ify yours by adding a trendy ombre rope accent in a pink hue that will appear to your upbeat nature. (via One O)


13. DIY Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack: Copper and brass accents are a plus in the Sagittarian’s book. Make sure your home features plenty of them, starting with this stylish copper pipe and wine rack. (via A Bubbly Life)


14. DIY Plate With Pressed Plants and Wood: Though fond of flowers and plants, the typical Sagittarius is not much of a caretaker. If you can relate, opt for pressed leaves or flowers to show off your love for greenery *without* having to worry about maintenance. (via atilio)


15. DIY Woven Rattan Chair: Transform your ordinary lounge chair into this cozy hanging rattan seat. Its woven texture paired with a plush throw will be all you need this winter. (via Dream Green DIY / eHow)


16. DIY Triangle Mirror: A mirror does wonders for opening up one’s space. If you’re working with cramped quarters, this DIY triangle mirror may be just what’s needed to visually enhance your home. (via DIY in PDX)


17. DIY West Elm-Inspired Side Table: Inspired by a West Elm bestseller, this DIY side table dupe retains the ultra-chic look without the jaw-dropping price tag. The best part is its iconic look can be hacked in just two easy steps! (via Brit + Co)


18. DIY Wood + Copper Blanket Ladder: With winter less than a month away, it’s time to bust out the ole blanket and throw collection. Rather than draping them over chairs and couches, organize your stash with a DIY wood and copper ladder that blends in seamlessly with your tasteful decor style. (via Foxtail and Moss)


19. DIY Macrame Shower Curtain: Give your bathroom a luxe touch with a floor-length shower curtain. Rather than buying an entirely new and expensive curtain, just upgrade yours with a macrame lace trim. (via A Beautiful Mess)


20. DIY Copper Salad Servers: Appeal to your love of copper accents with this modern set of salad servers. All you need for your ordinary servers to look brand spankin’ new is copper contact paper! (via Almost Makes Perfect)


21. DIY Cotton Piping Wall Art: A cozy winter home is a happy home. Spruce up a plain wall with DIY cotton piping. Go with an all-white look or add a pop of color by dyeing the piping beforehand. (via Paper & Stitch)


22. DIY Plastic Animal Planters: Succulents are so low-maintenance, even a Sagittarius can care for them ;) Step up your shrub’s container by creating your own out of toy animal figurines and spray paint. (via Decor Asylum)


23. DIY Yarn Tassel Duvet Blanket: Put an eclectic bohemian spin on an ordinary duvet with DIY tassels. Go all shades of the rainbow or create a repeating pattern in complementary colors. (via Freckle and Fair)


24. DIY Wall Art Jewelry: Add visual interest to a plain white wall with DIY wall art jewelry. All you’ll need is plywood, sandpaper, wood stain, some wire and a piece of jewelry chain. (via Ohoh Blog)


25. DIY Faux Fur Wall Hangings: If you’ve got your fair share of woven wall hangings, consider cozying up your home with these faux fur hangings. For an extra decorative touch, spruce it up with colorful beads. (via A Joyful Riot)

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