Fall is just around the corner! If you’re like us, you can already taste the pumpkin-infused everythings, but might not have a suitable space at home to rest that Venti-sized mug — a spot that channels the season with gorgeous metals and rusty hues. This DIY side table will take care of that. It’s not only a stunning design — the sculptural masterpiece is inspired by a West Elm best seller — but its iconic look can be hacked in just two easy steps (our version is top right, the WE original is on the left). Oh, and you can DIY our small space-friendly furniture for less than half the price. Sold? Just follow this pair of steps and you’ll have a brand-new morning coffee setup in no time.

 IKEA Hasselnöt Planter
IKEA Blanda Blank Serving Bowl
– a wood disc that will act as a lid for your bowl (I had one custom cut at from Woodcrafter for about $20)

 – superglue

– gold spray paint


1. Spray paint the wood disc, planter + serving bowl. Let dry for at least two hours before handling.

2. Superglue the bowl onto the bottom of the planter and the wood circle onto the top of the bowl.

First, spray paint the wood, planter + serving bowl and let them completely dry. Then, your second and last step is to superglue the bowl onto the bottom of the planter and the wood circle onto the top of the bowl.

Make sure to get the disc cut slightly larger than the circumference of your bowl (say .25 inches) to make sure it rests on top of your bowl securely. But with this method of fastening, be sure to not pile on the weight (a coffee table book and a PSL are fine!). But if you’re adding heavier decor to the tabletop, we recommend filling the bowl with quick-mix concrete before you spray paint the bowl.

We LOVE how its rounded shape makes this side table especially easy to slip into those hard-to-decorate spaces — a square table would be too boxy, a rectangle would be too bulky, but this trophy-style table is just right. Plus its metallic shine makes it a luxe-looking addition to any living space, dorm rooms included.

What’s been the easiest + most effective home decor DIY you’ve ever done? Have you done any fall updates for your home? We would love to hear about your favorite projects in the comments.