With festival season quickly approaching, it’s time to hang up our flower crown and embrace a new fashion trendthe hoop. Our friends over at Baublebar hooked us up with some earrings to put a new spin on the beloved accessory. Keep reading for three variations of flower hoops, using real, paper, and plastic florals.

Grab the materials below to get your flower power on.

Materials and Tools:

hoops with Real Flowers

To create this look you’ll need small flowers with a flexible, strong stem, and bendable, thin jewelry wire.

Cut a small stem of flowers and remove the extra greenery so the flowers pop more. Line the stem up with the hoop and wrap in jewelry wire.

hoops with Paper Flowers

No glue needed here; just twist the stems of the flowers tight around the hoop.

We spaced ours out to leave parts of the gold hoops showing.

hoops with Plastic Flowers

Grab your glue gun and heat it up.

Dab a small amount onto each flower and adhere to the hoops.

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