If you clicked on this post, congrats! I鈥檓 guessing that since you鈥檙e looking for housewarming party inspo, you probably just moved into a new pad. Well done! We all know what the next step is鈥 hosting a housewarming party!

You鈥檙e probably thinking, 鈥淲hat? I just moved in. I still need to decorate my place!鈥 Well, we鈥檙e here to tell you that you *don鈥檛* have to have your home all set up to host a killer housewarming. By combining a classic housewarming party with a crafting party, you and your friends can make your new home decor together! Make your hosting duties easy by setting out Brit + Co DIY Kits (available in nearly all Target stores and on Target.com, YAY!) for each of your friends and let the crafting party begin!

For this crafting housewarming party, we set up a spread made up of a Wood Burning Cutting Board Kit ($25), Clay Jewelry Dish Kit ($20), Make a Macrame Planter Kit ($20), Embroider a Wall Hanging Kit ($20), and Weave a Wall Hanging Kit ($25). We thought these guys covered the basics of our home decor needs. Oh yeah, of course we put out snacks :)

A classic party hack is to create a backdrop to set the scene. If you鈥檙e just moving into a place, we don鈥檛 expect you to create an elaborate masterpiece. Instead, tape fake flower steps onto your wall for a easy but beautiful party backdrop.

Time to get crafting!

Kit Designer, Marianne (who we lovingly call, Koo), made these marbled Clay Jewelry Trays. I think I鈥檒l put one on my coffee table for my keys, one for my bathroom for my earrings, and one in my bedroom as a catchall. Thanks Koo!

Every home needs a little greenery, right? Succulents are a classic housewarming gift, so it makes sense that we鈥檙e thinking about how to display ours! Sarah, one of Brit + Co鈥檚 designers, made a Macrame Planter to hold my succulent to catch sunlight.

The Embroider a Wall Hanging Kit is the perfect way to bring the embroidery trend into your home.

A new place equals new blank walls. Add a pop of color and texture to them by making this woven wall hanging from the Weave a Wall Hanging Kit ($25).

You鈥檙e in your new adult pad now, so it鈥檚 time to say goodbye to your flimsy plastic cutting boards! With the Wood Burning Cutting Board Kit ($25), you can personalize your own.

OK, snack break!

Friends who craft together, stay together.

My home and my heart are full <3

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DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee
Photography: Chris Andre