If you’ve ever tie dyed before, you know that your hands are going to be discolored for the next couple of days. Many of the kits provide gloves, but let’s be real — they don’t do that much. Last year I was introduced to ice tie-dye and my life was forever changed. With ice tie-dye, you get amazing results every time and hands that are dye free! This summer we updated our dingy white clothes with ice tie-dye and fun phrases written in a water-based resist. Head to your closets to collect all your not-so-white-anymore clothes, and get ready to cover them with ice tie-dye!


Materials + Tools:

— white cotton dress

— powdered dye

— paint brush

— pan + cooling rack

— ice



1. Use a paint brush to hand letter your favorite saying onto the front of your dress using water-based resist.

2. Once the resist has dried, bunch up the dress on top of a cooling rack that is placed on a baking tray.

3. Lay ice on top of the dress and pour powdered dye on top of the ice.

4. Let the ice melt completely and then rinse the dress out until the water runs clear.


Real talk: A guy sent me a text telling me I was “babe’n” and now I’m obsessed with this word. (But is this word even a thing?) Let the resist dry before moving on to step number two.


Bunch up the dress on top of a cooling rack placed in a baking tray and top with tons of ice. Sprinkle powdered dye on top of the ice, sit back and wait for it to melt.


Once all the ice has melted, rinse the dress out until the water runs clear.


We love the blue marbled effect that ice tie-dye gave this dress. It’s the perfect little cover-up to wear to the beach!


We had to get Angela in the shot before she leaves us for grad school! We will miss you Angela, but don’t worry — you’re babe’n.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin

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