The final countdown to V-day has begun! It鈥檚 great to pull out the romantic stops all year round, but Valentine鈥檚 Day gives you the chance to show your lover how you feel in a creative way. All the usual suspects, like flowers and chocolate, send a sweet message of love; however, we know you can think outside of the (chocolate) box and come up with some really clever gifts and date ideas. We suggest playing a round of Love Jenga with your love bug. Add color to your blocks and then come up with loving dares or questions to write on each piece. Here are a few to get you started.



鈥 Jumbling towers (or other stackable blocks, aka. Jenga)

鈥 pink paint

鈥 paint tray


鈥 paint brush

鈥 fine-point pen



  1. Write dares, questions, demands and declarations on your blocks.
  2. Stack the blocks and determine which ones you want to paint. To create a pattern, mark the number of blocks you need to paint.
  3. Paint your blocks and let them fully dry.
  4. Stack your blocks and add a few little hearts to the ends.

This project is super quick and easy 鈥 a worthwhile DIY to spice up your evening. After all, what you write on the blocks is up to you ;) Let鈥檚 get to it.


Your first order of business is writing on the blocks. If you鈥檙e on a first date, you could scribble get-to-know-you questions on your blocks. If you鈥檙e with your partner of 12 years, perhaps a few R-rated suggestions would spice up your night. Like 鈥渕ake out in the closet,鈥 for example. Don鈥檛 tell us you wouldn鈥檛 love to re-live that game you played so much in your teeny-bopper days.


Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Once you鈥檝e finished writing on your blocks, decide on a pattern for your paint. We stacked the blocks and counted the number of blocks we wanted to paint each color. This made it so much easier. Alternatively, you could dab a bit of paint on each one while they are in the stack.


Get painting. If you were one of those kids who never stayed within the lines of your coloring book, you might want to tape the edges with painter鈥檚 tape to create a straight line. We took the risk and free-handed ours. Such rebels.


After the paint has dried, stack your blocks and add little hearts (or whatever your heart desires) on the edges of a few blocks.


Done deal! Gift this game to your honey, or bust it out with a bottle of champagne after dinner.


Have fun getting silly and learning about your boo.

What creative games have you played with your Valentine? What are you going to write on your Jenga blocks? Share your secrets in the comments below.