I don’t know about you, but I hate throwing away old magazines. I love to have the ability to look back at spreads for inspiration. However, they start piling up and take up a great deal of space. We’ve found 15 great repurposing DIY projects for all those magazines that are getting dusty. So go search for magazines in the back of all your basement closets and start DIYing!

1. Mini Magazine Notebook: We love these cute DIY notebooks. Such a fun way to hold onto a favorite photo from a magazine spread. This is also a great gift idea. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Magazine Page Pinwheel: Are squares not your thing? Well try circles! These magazine pinwheels look great layered on the wall. Make sure you use pages with extra vibrant color. (via Sensational Color)

3. Geometric Ombre Wall art: We are swooning over this wall art piece! Ombré + Geometric = Yes, Yes, Yes, and more YES! For this project we suggest using the covers of magazines because they are stronger and will provide a more crisp point. Once assembled pick your favorite colors, spray paint, and hang! ( via Eme Eme Spain)

4. Recycled Magazine Flower: Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. Create these flowers out of magazine pages. Either leave them patterned from the pages of the magazines or spray paint them solid. By spray painting them shades of pink, you have now created the perfect center piece for your Valentine’s Day dinner. (via Craft Stylish)

5. Magazine Wallpaper: Instead of your magazine taking up floor space, let them take up wall space! By creating magazine wallpaper you can re-read your favorite articles at anytime. If full page tiling is too much, try cutting the pages into strips. This may be a hassle to install, but the created texture and pattern will be worth it! (via Curbly)

6. Magazine Drywall: Check this out! Turn your old magazine collections into walls! Now that is a lot of magazines, and hopefully no one has that many magazines casually lying around their house. But if you do have a lot of magazines, try creating a half-wall. Such a easy and great way to divide a room and add counter space. (via Curate This Space)

7. Magazine Clock: Turn your magazine pinwheels into clocks! This piece is extremely easy to make: 1. Glue your folded accordion pages onto a cardboard circle 2. Cut hole in the center for the clock shaft 3. Install clock hardware. Done! ( via La Casa de Crafts)

8. Magazine Quotes: Add some texture to your canvas art by painting on top of magazine pages. Use stencils when applying paint so you can see through to the original image. ( via Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart)

9. Organic Magazine Wall Art: On a scale of 10 to easy, this DIY is easy. Simply cut stripes of magazine and glue the ends together to form a loop. Glue loops together to form an organic shape. Play with length of magazine strip and width of magazine strip to create dynamic depth. (via indulgy)

10. Repurposed Planter: Cover up an ugly planter holder with magazines! Measure out the diameter of the planter and cut the shape out of the center of the magazines. Keep cutting until you’ve stacked up enough to cover the whole planter! (via PSFK)

11. Magazine Coasters: Let’s get ready to roll! This is the perfect handmade gift. The colors and textures are awesome and it’s SUPER cheap. (via Saved By Lovely Creations)

12. Custom Ceramic Tiles: If rolling paper is too time consuming, check out our DIY of using magazine pages to decorate tiles. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Origami Wall Art: Here at Brit + Co. we are all about geometry. This upcycled geometric magazine wall-art caught our eye right away! You can turn this into your own DIY by folding square pieces into triangles and glueing them to a square base board. Beware, this piece is very dense and is going to take a lot of folded pages. (via My Bohemian Summer on Etsy)

14. DIY iPhone Cover Collage: This iPhone case is so simple and so chic! Play with colors and cuts to create your own, one-of-a-kind, iPhone case. (via Calypso Letters)

15. Corner Heart Bookmark: Repurpose magazine pages to mark your current magazine page! We are loving this corner page bookmark. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! ( via The Cheese Thief)

Do you have any favorite uses for old magazines? Tell us in the comments below!