Hide exercise equipment, create a private reading nook, make a temporary spare bedroom, or give yourself a permanent extra room without hiring a contractor –– frick, is there anything a room divider can’t do? Well, probably, but let’s focus on what they do, what they do well, and the ones that do it with style.

1. Movable Green Machines: This isn’t exactly DIY, but it seems a doable and rewarding exploration. (via Improvised Life)

2. Halfway Demolished Wall: We’re so sure you could find the bits and bobs to complete this look in a dumpster. As unpleasant as that sounds, we think you’ll agree the results are very, very non-dumpster pleasant. (via The Brooklyn Home Company)

3. Vinyl Records: You know your dad has his fair share of Lawrence Welk records in his basement (or is that just my dad?). Put them to good use. Paint them white, string them together, and it will be wunnerful wunnerful (your parents will appreciate the reference). (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Rope Wall: Raw spaces, open floor plans, or warehouses –– this is a simple, beautiful, DIY way you can define spaces. (via The Brick House)

5. Pantyhose & Hoops: Get this: In the ‘70s, pantyhose crafting was, like, a thing. And we can’t help feeling like this little nylon know-how looks like something you might find hanging in Anthropologie. (via Cathy of California)

6. Eames Molded Plywood ($2,079): Is there anything that Ray and Charles made that wasn’t freaking perfect? (And freaking expensive?)

7. Ecortina: Maybe you remember when we introduced you to this living lattice. Well, we’re breaking it out again because… I mean, just look at the little heart-esque holders . Let the collective “awwing” commence! (via Brit + Co.)

8. Lego Wall: Guess how many Legos were used to build this wall. Guess! Guess! 55,000… that’s giving Zack the Lego Maniac a run for his money… and our pretty rad snap block process a run for its money too. (via Npire)

9. PVC Pipe: Hardware store supplies that turn out looking like something out of the W Hotel? These are the types of things we get excited about. (via Indulgy)

10. Amass Modular: This just has to be inspired by Algue by Vitra. We’re loving the updated ombre, straighter-line version of the original algae look. (via 3 Rings)

11. Flake: Leave it to a Scandinavian designer (Mia Cullin) to break out a star motif, leave it simple white, and whatever the Swedish equivalent to très chic is. (via Design Therapy)

12. Vertical Living Wall: If you have a talent for keeping green things alive, go for a living all. We’ve even seen this style made with recycled two-liter bottles that look absolutely fab. (via Bee Bee Grace)

13. Macrame: Sally England makes these lovely macrame pieces of wall art that easily double as room separators, but we’re wondering how hard they would be to do ourselves… Anyone want to give it a go and let us know? (via Amber Interiors)

14. Pallet Partition: We’ve mentioned the many uses of pallets in the past. And now we’re throwing another awesome option your way. (via Yatzer)

15. Ensign: This is pretty great and even greater when you find out you can mix and match about any color in the universe to achieve the look you’re after. (via E3)

16. Recycled Paper: Here’s a piece that will make you feel good about yourself. When you buy, you’re helping underserved communities in Nepal. (via E3)

17. Origami Garland: Shown here as wall art, we think these golden globes would look pretty spectacular hanging out behind our sofa. (via Lusting For Lavish)

18. Fringe: If there was a visual to describe what elegant hipster was, this would be it. (via Eva Malschaert)

19. Hanging Window: We don’t know about you guys, but when we hit the flea market, old window frames are like a laser show to our eyes. We can’t look away. We want them. But in the past, we weren’t sure what to do with them. Now, we know. (via Jones Design Company)

20. Freestanding Divider: You need to know your way around a tool belt to make this a part of your home. Buckle up, and get to it. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

21. Shutter In: Please excuse the poor photo quality, and let the flea market scouring and upcycling continue! (via Scrap Hacker)

22. Toilet Paper: We’re not sure what came first when designing this partition –– function or form? And we’re trying really hard not to say that it’s far from crappy. Did we really just say that? Yes, we did. (via Apartment Therapy)

23. Gallery Wall: This actually does involve building a partial wall. But you need a new place to hang all your art from our friends at 20×200 anyway. (via Beacont)

24. Shoe Forms: You better believe we’re head over heels for this divider. It might be a bit more inspirational than something you’d actually take into your home, but whoever is brave enough to incorporate it into their abode is a step above the rest… we’ll stop now. (via My Dinners With Richard)

What dividers are coming together for you? Tell us in the comments below!