So we’ve already shown you how to repurpose your old stacks of magazines, but in case none of those tickled your fancy we’ve got one more DIY for you. DIY silhouette wall art! Ta dah! This DIY Basic is super simple. In just five easy steps you can create wall art that is fun, original, and packed with color.


– magazines

– canvas/wood/board

– hot glue sticks

– pattern

– tape


– hot glue gun

– scissors


1. Print and cut out a silhouetted shape. (Download some ideas here!)

2. Tear out a bunch of magazine pages. Fold in half twice to get four small rectangles.

3. Start to roll! Try to keep the magazine rolls as tight as possible. Tape the end to avoid it from unraveling.

4. Hot glue your magazine roll-ups to your silhouette. Once the silhouette is covered, trim off the extra magazine pieces. This will reveal your silhouetted shape.

5. Glue magazine silhouette to your wood board.

Time to get started! Cut out your silhouette from scrap paper. You can download our adorable bear right here.

Next you want to tear up those pages. First fold the page in half and tear down the center, then fold in half again and tear. Now you will have tons of small rectangles ready to roll.

Start at the edge and tightly roll the page into a cylinder. Secure the end with a piece of tape.

You’re going to need a lot of roll-ups ;) Try to pick magazine pages that have fun colors!

Using the hot glue gun, glue the roll ups onto your silhouette. Don’t worry about covering the smaller sections. Once you trim off the excess roll up you will have smaller pieces that will fit into those tiny spaces quite perfectly!

Trim the excess magazine to reveal your silhouetted shape. Remember, don’t throw away those tiny pieces.

Patch up those paws!

Look at those colors! Wait, do I see one brown hand?!

Time to mount your silhouette to a board. We used a thin wood board that we found at the art store. You can use wood, cardboard, illustrator board, etc. You could even go directly on the wall.

This bear is ready to hang.

I spy San Francisco! :)

We couldn’t do a post about wall art without doing a geometric pattern! Try grouping the same colors together, this gives it a fun color blocking effect.

Which silhouette could you see yourself making? Do you have any other ways to repurpose old magazines? Tell us in the comments below!