Rad: you found your stocking stuffed with makeup, brushes, and nail polish on Christmas morning! Bad: now you’re completely out of beauty storage space. Don’t even think of resorting to stowing your stash from Santa in a zip-top plastic bag (eek!)—there are so many DIY options that take only an afternoon to whip out. So just grab your scraps of felt, leather, or even a spare mason jar or two, and you’ll have stylish space for your cosmetics in no time!

1. Mini Boxy Makeup Bag: Once you learn how to sew this classic boxy makeup bag, you’re pretty much set for life in the makeup storage department. It’s a convenient carryall that you can personalize with fun fabrics. (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

2. Embellished Mason Jars: You know we’re suckers for repurposing a mason jar, so we love this idea of tricking them out three different ways to make them worthy to hold your beauty basics. (via Beautylish)

3. Chic Splattered Travel Case: Who says your travel case doesn’t deserve a makeover as glam as the one you give yourself? We used three shades of nail polish to create a chic splatter pattern. Clever, huh? (via Brit + Co.)

4. Makeup Brush Roll: Now this might be the most genius upgrade we’ve ever seen: using a sushi roller as a makeup brush roll. With that bright red ribbon embellishment and the brushes so perfectly in line, we had to do a double take too! (via Cremè de la Craft)

5. Felt Pouch: Here’s another easy-to-sew project that won’t just benefit your makeup: this felt case is perfect pouch for carrying sunglasses, earbuds, or even snacks on the go. The contrast thread makes it feel like something truly special. (via Henry Happened)

6. Candle Jar Makeup Holder: Don’t you think of tossing out that old candle jar, even if it’s still stuffed with old wax (it’s easy to remove, just watch the video on this blog!)—save ‘em, then stack ‘em to make this clear, pyramid makeup organizer. It’s perfect for gals with large cosmetic collections (did someone say, color coding?) ;) (via Life Ann Style)

7. Nail Polish Kit: Even if it’s only a weekend away, a girl needs some nail polish color options. Try your hand at construing this cute polish kit that can fit up to three shades for fickle fingers. (via See Kate Sew)

8. Gilded China Dish: It’s our go-to technique for updating thrift store finds or hand-me-downs: the gold dip. After a shiny coat of paint, this dish is now as pretty as your makeup. (via Alexandra Hedin)

9. Leather Makeup Brush Holder: If you’re like us, you’ve got bits of leather scraps all rolled up and tucked away in your supplies bin. After we saw this DIY, some of those scraps are now rolled up around our makeup brushes. (via Henry Happened)

10. Scrap Wood Makeup Brush Holder: Gold-plated hardware and a dark stain make this wooden stump look striking as a makeup brush holder. It’s the perfect way to organize your beauty tools on your dresser or vanity. (via House of Earnest)

11. Embroidery Floss Makeup Case: We love this super simple way to turn a basic fabric makeup bag into something totally fab: embroidery floss stitching! Those colorful threads—and the duo of fluffy tassels—make sure you’ll never brush over this pouch in your purse again. (via The Office Space)

12. Custom Makeup Palette: Do you find yourself carrying around a dozen eyeshadow compacts just to use one color from each case? Leave the outcast colors behind and make yourself a custom palette: you’ll not only have to lug less around, but it’ll make you look totally pro. Did we just blow your minds? :) (via Brit + Co.)

13. Aluminum Utensil Holders: Cut it, roll it, screw it shut, and you’ve just transformed a perforated aluminum sheet into a classy cylinder that’s great for keeping brushes, eye liner pencils, and lipstick in line. (via Sugar & Cloth)

14. Polka Dot Tray: If you’d rather lay your things out than keep them buttoned up in a pouch, then try dedicating a tray to your beauty accessories. We’re nuts about this one that’s done up in polka dots. (via For Chic Sake)

15. Zipper Pouch: Love your makeup? Show it you care with this sequined pink pouch! (via Lovely Indeed)

How do you store your makeup? Do you always zip it up or only pouch it only when you’re on the go? Do you have dedicated space to your beauty products? Tell us about it in the comments below!