There are two reasons you need to make a custom makeup palette. One, you've got a dozen eyeshadow compacts and a handful of brushes and can never find the ones you need when you need them. You likely got some of these from your mom, for free with your latest makeup counter purchase, or for a specific event. Or two, you're a masterful makeup maven and need access to the whole color wheel every time you get your face on. Either way, this easy how-to is about to make your life way easier and possibly more beautiful. ;)


– eyeshadow

– blush

– brushes

– heavy duty glue

– tea light

– pliers

– screwdriver

– something to poke with — a metal kebab stick would work

– a case: look around your house for a thin metal or plastic box or stop by the drugstore and pick something up — we used an old pencil case

– lace or ribbon for tying brushes

– something rubbery for keeping brushes in place — we used an old yoga mat scrap but another great material for this would be a rectangular eraser cut in half

First, get all your materials ready. We had a handful of eyeshadows, powder and blush.

Now the tricky part (but it's actually really easy!): use a screwdriver to pop the plastic shadow container out of the compact. Not all makeup compacts use this plastic, but most do.

Once you've popped it out, hold it gently over the flame of a tealight. If it's a small container, hold the plastic with pliers instead of your fingers. Remove from the flame. Use your poking tool to push through the melted plastic and the metal shadow container will pop out!

Repeat with your next shadow.

And your next one.

We had an empty eyeshadow container in one of our compacts so we used that to add lipstick to the palette.

Now, time to glue and get the job done.

Glue each piece and press firmly into your palette. We had a piece of mirror that popped out of one of our compacts so we glued that to the top of the pencil case as well.

To secure the brushes, glue a piece of ribbon or lace to your case. Make sure it's long enough to tie around the brushes. On top of that, glue a piece of rubbery material to anchor the brushes (yoga mat or eraser). Let everything set for 30 minutes.

Place your brushes inside and tie them up, close your case and you're ready to go!

Now you have everything you need for a quick makeover in one easy-to-store and easy-to-find case. Leave us a note if you give this a try — we'd love to see photos!