With the summer solstice just a few days behind us, we can officially say the summer season has begun! But enough about the long days filled with sunshine — let’s talk about summer fashion. For the past two summer seasons, I have been in awe of these amazing pom-pom sandals by Maria BK. But with the average sandal costing $200, I’ve never been able to add them to my shopping cart. So this year I said to myself, “Helloooo, Kelly! Take a closer look — these quirky sandals are totally DIYable!” Follow along because all you need to create these unique sandals are brightly colored trims + accessories and, of course, last year’s summer sandals.


– sandals

– friendship bracelets (these or these)

– chain

– embroidery floss

– pom-poms


– scissors

– hot glue

– needle + thread


1. Trim friendship bracelets to the length of the sandal straps. Attach with hot glue.

2. Use embroidery floss to wrap around and hide the ends of the friendship bracelets. Secure ends of the embroidery floss with hot glue.

3. Attach chain to the sandal straps with a needle and thread. Wrap embroidery floss around the edges to hide the stitches.

4. Finish off with pom-pom touches.


Trim the friendship bracelets to the size of the sandal straps and hot glue in place.


Some of our bracelets had funky knots at the ends. To hide unwanted glue or knotty ends, wrap embroidery floss around, creating bright chunks of color. Secure in place with hot glue.


Texture is key to creating funky sandals like these. Attach chain to the straps with a needle and thread. Hide the unwanted knots with embroidery-floss wrapping.


And of course, finish it off with strips of colorful pom-poms.


It’s a color and texture explosion. In a good way ;)

Paint those toes a shimmery metallic or a pop of neon and get ready to step into summer in style.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Model: Mercades Jenkins
Photography: Kurt Andre