We can’t get enough of punchy block print patterns these days, so we’ve stamped up everything we can get our hands on — from pillows to party backdrops and now these bright and lively jersey scarves. To make this DIY even easier we’ve put together a Hand-Stamped Scarves Kit, available in our shop for $25.


Grab one of your own in black, navy or magenta and show us what you’ve got!


– Jersey spandex scarf

– Sticky back foam

– Stamping block

– Fabric paint

– Paintbrush

Additional Tools (not included in kit):

– Scissors

– Pencil


1. Trace around the wood block onto the back side of your sticky foam sheet.

2. Cut out your desired shapes with scissors.

3. Peel off the paper backing and stick foam shapes onto one side of the wood block.

4. Brush fabric paint onto your stamp, using the foam brush.

5. Press stamp down firmly onto your scarf and reload with paint here and there.

6. To change shapes, simply peel off the sticky back foam and stick on a new shape.

7. Let fabric paint air dry for 4 hours before wearing and 72 hours before machine washing.


Lets get stamping!


Trace the wood block shape onto the back side of your sticky foam sheets using a pencil.


Cut out some custom shapes with a pair of scissors, while staying within the size limits of the wood block. Then peel off the paper backing and stick your foam shapes onto one side of the wood block. Pro tip: Placing them at the corner of your stamping block will help you accurately position the shapes on your scarf later.


Brush a thin layer of fabric paint onto your foam stamp using the paintbrush and try to keep the edges fairly clean.


Press your stamp down firmly onto your scarf to transfer the fabric paint. Stamp down a second time before re-loading with paint to create lighter shapes.


Changing up your shapes is as easy as peeling off the sticky foam and replacing it with a new shape. We’ve included plenty of extra foam in this kit so you can play with multiple shapes.


Once you’ve finished stamping, let the fabric paint air dry for 4 hours before use and 72 hours before throwing in the washing machine.


This punchy triangle pattern adds a bit of edge to your outfit in any color! Load up your scarf with tons of triangles or keep it simple with a few shapes sprinkled around.


The same goes for these little tear drops. Sprinkle them around evenly or overlap some here and there for a layered print look. Your rainy days just got much sunnier!


This half moon design is a simple yet seriously classy addition, fit for a perfect day of modern art museums and cozy cafes.


Sew, safety pin or tie the ends together to turn it into an infinity scarf, or simply tuck the ends in to get the same effect.


We made these simple designs to get your wheels turning and to show you how even the most basic shapes can make a cool statement. This kit comes with enough foam to play around with multiple shapes and experiment with both simple and intricate designs of your own. Grab one in our shop for $25 in one of three color options shown here.


If you’re looking to pump up your home decor with this same technique, check out these Hand-Stamped Pillows, also available as a kit!

We love seeing what our readers come up with. Be sure to snap a pic of your finished designs and share with us on social media using the hashtags #britkits and #iamcreative. We look forward to checking them out!