I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but earring cuffs have been making their way onto just about evvvvvery earlobe this year. They were a huge hit at the SAG awards and have been a big hit in my personal jewelry box as well. This was a #31DaysofDIY must, and not to toot my own horn, but a great way to wrap up our 31 days of projects. These statement earring cuffs will turn heads and be a great addition to any jewelry collection. We hope we’ve inspired you to create and keep creating after this month, so don’t forget to share your work with us using the hashtag #31DaysofDIY!


Now let’s get to it!



– various stones and crystals with flat backs

– various thicknesses of jewelry wire — thin, medium, thick

– chain

– earring posts and backs

– clip-on earring posts

– E600

– super glue

 – wire cutters — jewelry and/or normal depending on thickness of wire

– hammer

– pliers

Pretty in Pink

1. Cut two pieces of wire that are about an inch long. Using pliers, shape the wire into a curve to fit your ear. Then pound with a hammer.

2. Use super glue to attach the stones to the curve.

3. Using the thinnest wire, create a cuff to hold the top of your earlobe. Wrap it near the top and twist until the wire is strong enough to hold a solid U-shape.

4. Attach the earring back with super glue.


Cut two 1-inch pieces of the thick wire and bend into a curved shape using pliers. Pound with a hammer to flatten the wire out. This makes the surface area larger for the stones to attach to.


Using super glue, attach your gems in a pattern. We used pink hues and arranged them from largest to smallest.


Play close attention to the piece that grabs onto your ear. We’re going to make this using the thinnest wire. Cut about 6 inches and wrap it around the top of the gems. Fold in half so the wire is now 3 inches long and twist. Fold over again so the piece is about 1 inch long, attach together and twist. Bend this piece into a U-shape. This will catch the top of your earlobe. When wearing, squeeze the wire together so it holds onto your ear.


Using the super glue, attach the earring post to the back of the ear cuff.


Pink, pearly, and purr-ty .


Ear cuffs are my new jam. Wearing them with your hair up is always a bonus so they can really stand out and shine.


These are great for an everyday work look, but let’s make a pair that’s super glam!

Glammin’ Ear Cuff

1. Cut two one-inch pieces of wire and bend into a curve. Use the hammer to flatten the wire.

2. Arrange your gems and attach onto the wire using E600.

3. Wait for it to dry and trim away extra wire.

4. Attach the earring back and clip on earring post to the back of the cuff.


For this piece you’ll be working with the medium-gauge wire. Ours was 1.02 mm. Cut four one-inch pieces, bend into an arch and hammer them flat.


Apply glue to your base gem and glue the wire. The curvature of the wire will make them meet at the top and form a point. Once the glue has dried and the wires are definitely attached, start adding more gems. We used E600 to attach these gems due to its viscosity. The glue will form a web in between the two wires and make it easy to lay the gems. However, it will take a while to dry. So be patient — I know they are soooo cute you’ll just want to wear them ASAP.


Once completely dry, trim off the extra wire using the wire cutters.


Use the super glue to attach the clip-on earring back and the earring post to the back of the cuff. The clip-on earring is a great way to make sure the cuff stays up on your earlobe. We definitely recommend this method.


Holy guacamole. These are gorgeous and we are OBSESSED!!


Pair theses with an all-black getup and let them shine. Rock that outfit, you glam girl ;)

Vintage Fringe Ear Cuff

1. Attach the gold piece to the gem stone using super glue. Let dry, flip over and attach the earring post.

2. Cut five pieces of chain that measure about two inches.

3. String them together on the thinnest wire and twist onto your earring back.

4. Use another piece of thin wire to wrap the chain strands together to create a tassel.


Guess what — that gold piece right there — yeah, it’s not actually supposed to be wings. But when I found it, I was like, this is a perfect accent trim for around a gem! The piece is supposed to be folded in half to be flat with a loop on the top. It would be used to glue to the back of a stone that doesn’t have a hole that you want to string onto a necklace. You’ll see what I mean (we’ll def be using these in upcoming DIYs!).


Back to making! Use the super glue to attach the earring post to the back of the gem.


Cut five pieces of chain that are about two inches long.


Using your thinnest wire, thread the chains on and secure into a grouping. Weave the wires through the earring back. Try not to twist too tight, because then you’ll have a hard time getting the earring post through. Next, cut another piece of wire and twist around the top half to create a chain tassel.


These ones remind me of a vintage flight attendant’s pin. How cool?!


These aren’t cuffs, but they are in the new realm of earring wear. The realm of decorative backs! The tassels will hang behind your earlobe, giving it a whole different look.


Sick of the tassels? No problem! Switch them out with another earring back and just wear the studs. Or vice-versa; add the tassels to a pre-existing post you have in your jewelry collection.

Are you hooked on these newest jewelry trends? Will you be making a pair for yourself? Please do, and share using the hashtag #31DaysofDIY! As always, leave the questions and comments below!