We were so inspired by the combination of chain and brightly-colored spandex from Tuesday's chunky necklace hack that we created another little something. Again, all you need is chain, spandex, and needle nose pliers to make your tiered ombre necklace dreams come true.

 – chain

– wire cutters

– needle nose pliers

– spandex strips

– gold jewelry loops

– scissors

– tape

You'll be cutting 6 different lengths of chain for this so make sure you've got a good set of wire cutters. Cut the first length of chain to size. This will be the piece that goes around your whole neck so it should be around 24 inches.

Now get your spandex prepped. Cut strips about a half inch wide and plenty long, and stretch. See our previous tutorial for more images on how to prep the spandex strings.

To thread the spandex through the chain, use a piece of tape to create a needle at one end of the spandex, kind of like the end of a shoelace. Tie one end of the spandex as far down as you want the color to start. Thread through as long as you'd like for the first tier. We went with 11 inches centered at the bottom of the necklace.

Cut the next length of chain 1-2 inches shorter than the colored portion of the first chain. Thread through. Repeat so you have 3 lines of the first color.

Then 2 with the next color. And just 1 with the last color.

Now time to attach! Use gold jewelry loops to attach each level to the level above it.

Use needle nose pliers to fasten everything.

And you're done! Magique!

Have you gotten crafty chic with chain lately? We'd love to hear about your projects. Leave us a note in the comments below or hang with us over on Twitter.