Hocus Pocus and the Halliwell sisters were a huge influence on our childhood so the witch costumestill remains one of the most popular ones on Halloween. Considering all the other witches are also probably planning to sport a pointed hat to your Halloween party, you’ll want to do something extra special to stand out. As we all know, details make the difference. Here’s a simple DIY to make the most amazing witch shoes you’ve ever seen.


Materials + Tools:

– old shoes

– magazine or newspaper

– gold spray

– mod podge

– masking tape

– gold glitter

– black glitter

– scissors

– black acrylic

– super glue

– painting brushes



1. Take a magazine page and make a ball.

2. Use the masking tape to secure the paper ball to the shoe tip. Try to tighten the masking tape as you go to create the illusion of pointed shoes.

3. Strengthen the shoes: use a mixture of mod podge and water to glue some magazine pages pieces onto the point of your shoes.

4. Paint with a black acrylic.

5. Add a sparkly touch with some mod podge and dark glitter.

6. Cut 2 squares from the magazine cover.

7. Paint with a golden acrylic or spray paint and let everything dry for a while.

8. Add some golden glitter to match the shoes and repeat with some smaller shapes and a dark glitter.

9. Finally use your superglue to glue the squares in place and make a sort of shoe buckle. Voilà, you’re done.

step 2

Now it’s time to change the shape of the shoes to make them look more “witch appropriate”. Use the masking tape to secure a paper ball to the shoe tip. Be sure to tighten the masking tape as you go to create the shape of a pointed shoe.

When you like the shape, coat the tape with a mix of mod podge and water like you would paper mache and let everything completely dry. Then paint with a black acrylic and add a glam touch with some dark glitter.

step 2

And now that you have the perfect shape it’s time to add some details: cut a 3 inches square from the magazine cover, paint with a golden shade and add finish with glitter. Repeat with a 2 inches wide square but this time use a black acrylic and dark glitter. Lastly glue the squares in place as shown above and you’re done.


And then complete the look with some striped tights, a black dress and a witch hat of course!


Finish with a complete witch make up look.


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