With the right costume, Halloween can be the most epic ladies night EVER. As far as group costumes go we’ve found the best for you and your lady friends. Even if it’s just two of you, there’s something for anyone! Whether you buy or DIY, here is some great inspiration for a Halloween girls night.

1. The Golden Girls: The Golden Girls are absolutely timeless, and dressing like them is a total blast. Load up on the blush, ladies! (via The “Lo” Down)

2. Trophies: This group costume is obviously a winner. Decked out in gold all over, you’ll just need a black crate to stand on. (via Pretty Tough)

3. Naked Sims: When video game lovers get scandalous, this is what happens. These pixelated Sims are a laugh riot. (via jpegy)

4. Loofahs: You’ll clean house at any costume contest dressed like these rainbow tulle loofahs. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

5. Literal Spice Girls: The real Spice Girls are great and all, but we think this is a clever, more literal alternative. (via Brit + Co.)

6. Shark Week: Shark Week is not a national holiday yet, but we basically treat it like one. Why not dress the part?! (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

7. Mean Girls: Mini skirts? Check! Long locks? Check! Pink, pink and more pink? Check! With your outfits put together, you’ll just need a Burn Book to complete the costume. (via AC Paradise)

8. Camp Counselors: This one was done as a couple’s costume, but we think it could make a fun girl group costume too! Even more fun if you go vintage. Try ’50s style with retro swimsuits and sunglasses, or go ’80s like these two with sweatbands and vintage tees. (via Say Yes)

9. Russian Nesting Dolls: This nesting dolls costume is absolutely adorable. But you know what would make it cuter? Friends! If you and your buddies vary in height, try this quirky costume on for size. (via PopSugar)

10. Disney Princesses: Every lady deserves to feel like a princess at least for a day. (via Deviant Art)

11. The Sanderson Sisters: It’s just not Halloween without a healthy dose of Hocus Pocus. Our favorite Halloween movie comes to life beautifully in costume form, and we can’t wait to give it a try! (via Pinterest)

12. Orange Is the New Black: These ladies nailed the OITNB group costume! It helps that not only do they look the part, but they’re posing the part. Think you and your buds could pull this one off? (via Paleo Parents)

13. Troll Dolls: If you’re willing to invest in some serious hairspary, this trolls costume is pretty easy to do…and absolutely adorable to boot. (via Juicy Tux)

14. Bridesmaids: Got a shiny pink dress? Got five? This is a fun costume that will surely bring laughs wherever you go. (via Empirella)

15. Swan Lake: This costume is not only stunning, but it’s made for two. You can always go the Black Swan route if you wanted to appear a little more sinister for Halloween. (via Culture Cabaret)

16. Clueless: These ’90s ladies will go down in costume history. To aspire to their coolness just go super glam/prep ’90s. Also the giant cell phone helps. (via Fashion Wonderland)

17. Pitch Perfect: The only thing that would make this costume better than the ascot would be if your whole group learned a number from the movie. Talk about a showstopper! (via When Fashion Met Film)

18. Pop Goddesses: The ladies of pop music offer endless costume inspiration. You and your friends could go Top 40s and dress as the famed chart-toppers. (via RTR On Campus)

19. Sailor Moon: How fun is that face paint? These outfits are super cute especially for the die-hard Sailor Moon fans! (via Culture Cabaret)

20. Daria and Jane: Your favorite droll cartoon pair is a perfect team costume for Halloween, just ask Katy Perry! Just try not to smile. (via Katy Perry Pics)

Have you rocked any lady group costumes? We’d love to know about it. Give us the details in the comments!