Some offices are #blessed with plenty of advantages from lenient office dress codes to unlimited PTO and even desks that allow us to stand, walk or bike while working. The best perk though? Definitely the abundance of office dogs. Of course, the first thing you should do if HR okays your a WWP (work with pooch) environment is prepare your dog with training lessons and distract him with spiffy new toys. But after all of that is when the fun begins: You’ll want to give your desk space a bit of a makeover before bringing your furry friend to work with you. Here are 16 accessories designed to make your workplace more pup-appropriate without sacrificing your style or productivity. Woof!


1. Pipolli Striped Dog Teepee ($85): This is not only a cozy place for your dog to nap, but it’s also a stylish addition to any office. You can thank the sleek black-and-white stripes for sure.


2. Hepper NomNom Dog Bowl ($39): Okay, okay: No bowl is splash-proof when your pup’s paws are involved. But this bowl has a built-in splash and spill tray to collect the normal drips that come with a drink of water, which means less of a chance of you slipping in your stilettos on your way to the boardroom.


3. DIY Modern Dip-Dyed Rope Dog Leash: Unless your office was built with dogs in mind, there won’t be grass patches or fire hydrants for your pet to use when it’s time to go. Make your own snazzy leash and lead him out of the office in style. (via Curbly)


4. Happy Dapper Dog Suit Bandana ($17): Your little guy or gal needs to look as sharp as you do when in the office — or perhaps you just want to have a little fun with pup apparel. Because this suit is attached to a bandana, it’s easy to slip on and off when the workday is over.


5. Up Dog Toys — The Odin ($23): When a call or conference distracts you, give your dog this toy. It distributes treats to dogs diligent enough to bite, paw and turn it until one falls out.


6. Pets Fetching Fashions Bow-Tie Collar ($28): Perhaps your pooch wants to go a bit more casual than a suit bandana. If so, this collar with built-in bowtie will have him ready for work in seconds.


7. DIY Chew Toy: Choose your favorite hues, dye some rope and weave together this all-natural chew toy for your office pooch. (via Brit + Co)


8. Pottery Barn Cambria Pet Food Canister ($129): When you’re running out the door with leash and briefcase in hand, you might not remember or have the ability to grab dog food for the day. Keep this canister in your office to ensure your pooch never goes hungry.


9. ModCloth Wag and Walk Wall Hook ($13): You’ll never forget to hang your dog’s leash here: It’s shaped like your pooch’s back legs and tail, after all.


10. DIY Modern Pet Bed: Another modern option for an adorable place for your pup to nap, this one’s completely customizable since you’ll be making it yourself. (via A Beautiful Mess)


11. Pop Doggie Nom Nom Nom Bowl ($25): Is it lunch yet? Count down the minutes till lunchtime with this cute and colorful bowl.


12. Chevron Lemon Ding Dog Bells Potty Training System ($21): Nobody wants a barking dog to disrupt their train of thought, especially in the workplace. Instead, train your dog to ring these bells — no worse than a ringtone – when it’s time to go potty.


13. DIY Modern Pet Bowl Stand: Elevating your dog’s bowl off the floor makes for easy eating and drinking. All you have to do is build a riser around his pre-existing set of bowls. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


14. Bēhance Woofice: A cuddly pup might distract you, so find middle ground with this desk chair that has room for both of you to sit and stay.


15. 3 Shades of Dog Woof Treat Jar ($32): Your dog might have to go through a bit of an adjustment to learn how he or she is supposed to act at the office. Reward a job well done with a fresh treat from a jar like this one that will look almost as cute on your desk as your dog will underneath it.


16. Pipolli Dog Tees and Tanks: The most casual office environment will bark for this line of tanks, tees and sweaters designed with fashionable pooches in mind.

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